Z has a ride on a Mobility Scooter!!(!)

Kenny calls round on a Friday morning, to say hello (especially to the children) and to pick up his pension. He worked for us for 22 years, from retirement until, at 87, he couldn’t manage it any longer. He is, in many ways, as well as he ever was, but he is in constant pain from his back and he can’t walk very well.

A few years ago, he started to use a mobility scooter. He let me ride it and I happily set off down the road. The (then) Rector drove past and I waved … the look of dismay on his face was wonderful and I arrived home to find an email asking what was wrong with me, that I needed an invalid chair.

Recently, Kenny bought a new nim cart, as they are called in our family (because they do not go vroom vroom, they go nim nim. Yes, all right). He let me drive it, which was most exciting. I went zooming down to the church and back, practising u-turns, wheelies and hand signals (yes, there are indicators, but using fingers is much more fun).

On my way back, Billy passed me in his own nim cart. He looked at me strangely. He probably thought I was travelling under false pretences.

15 comments on “Z has a ride on a Mobility Scooter!!(!)

  1. Z

    He also used to pant, Murph – did he speak fluent Dog?

    I went to see Rolf Harris in 1984 (approx) at the Sparrow’s Nest in Lowestoft. He was wonderful!

  2. Blue Witch

    Riders of such vehicles should be forced to get insurance. I know of 2 people who have been seriously hurt following (not their fault) collisions with such buggies.

    And buggies should not be allowed on pavements either – most of their riders have little if any concept of width, speed, or other people.

  3. Z

    I did think that myself, Blue Witch. The top speed of this one is 8mph and that’s a fair old lick. Kenny told me that he ticked off an old boy in town the other day for going too fast on the pavement on his scooter. It occurred to me that if there were a lot of them around, it could be quite a hazard. Kenny himself would be virtually housebound without his and its a real boon to him.

    And of course, if I get one in the future, I promise I’ll buy insurance and behave responsibly. 0:-)

  4. Ally

    I love having a ride around on my dad’s when we go down to visit them. He’s frightened to take in on the road as he says it goes to fast for him – so he just rides it around the smallholding.

    He does keep rolling it, despite it’s big fat wheels – but like Kenny, he’s be virtually house-bound without it.

  5. Z

    It’s quite entertaining that the speed control goes from tortoise to hare. Kenny stays firmly on tortoise. You do get quite a sensation of speed from it. I’d be a bit wary on country roads – but I wouldn’t go on the lanes round here on a bicycle either.

  6. martin

    Eastbourne is the place to go for Nim Nims. There are little gangs like Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront. They hang out by the bakers sucking donuts. You can even hire them by the coach station.

  7. Z

    I love your blog and I have it bookmarked… you get a much greater impression of speed than it actually gives. Sadly, I do rather want one of my own.


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