Z buys spoons!

I have the feeling that it’s time I revamped my canapés. I’ve been doing the same thing for a few years now and (apart from the fact that sausages and smoked salmon sandwiches will never go out of favour with the wary nibbler) I need new ideas. So I asked El – who attends, and often organises, the sort of Do where these fripperies are served.

I like making canapés. I like eating them too, as long as they are delicious and not all stodge. I know many excellent cooks who find them a fiddly waste of time, but I can lose a happy few hours fiddling and enjoy making them look pretty and taste good.

El has kindly sent me some menus (no recipes of course, but it’s the ideas I want) from various venues that do Dos. Many of the hot nibbles are a bit messy, though.


So I have bought lots of these

So now all we need is a party.

It just so happens that four of us have birthdays in September…

(the camera and the computer seem to have reconciled their differences and are on speaking terms again)

14 comments on “Z buys spoons!

  1. The Boy

    Very Chi Chi, next you’ll be on to little one inch hamburgers or pork pies…

    I kid you not, got served those at a big charity doo last month.

  2. Z

    You never are, Pat.

    But if you are at a party having a drink, you do want a little something to soak up all that liquid (and possibly alcohol) and it’s better and more enjoyable to have delicious little snacks passed round than crisps and peanuts. And there’s more to canapes than vol au vents filled with cheese sauce.

  3. Z

    Too much pastry for the amount of meat, Boy in a one-inch pork pie. But chi chi is going to be my theme of the autumn.

  4. I, like the view

    beautiful spoons!

    personally, I think vol-au-vent are very under rated – great fun to make and they look fab (if a little old fashioned – but what’s wrong with that when they taste scrumptious – anyhow, retro is good)

    when I used to have parties they were always amongst the first things to be devoured by my guests

    I do like those spoons tho. . .


  5. Z

    It all depends on the filling – some strange things can be hidden in a vol-au-vent, but they can be excellent.

    I went to a party recently and there was cheese, cocktail onions and pineapple on sticks. They were surprisingly yummy.

    The spoons were only 29p each (plus postage, a fixed overall price) and, having been ordered in the afternoon, were delivered before noon next day. Fine service!


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