Ups and downs

I went to a lecture about Donatello this morning – not the turtle, darlings, the sculptor – and delivered my clarinet for gussying-up on the way.  It was pretty cold.  I started the car, turned on the heaters and left it for a few minutes while I fed the outside animals.  I tried to open the boot to get the scraper out, but it was frozen shut.  Never mind, I used a credit card for the side windows.

I called in to Roses on my return and she gave me lunch and then I cooked dinner for both of us tonight.  Actually, we ate and drank a lot.  I’ll gloss over that.  My sister Wink phoned during the evening, to tell me that Dodo has died.  She was 103 and died in her own bed, she was lucky to do so, but it’s a final break with our mother’s youth.  She was Wink’s godmother and they were very close, it’s a great sadness for Wink in particular, as well as for Dodo’s nephew Tom and his family.  Dodo never married or had children, but was close to her family.

I think the blog party will be 16th July.  There is an alternative date in May, but if you can’t make the July date, please let me know asap because I would like to get it established, for those who have to travel.  I think there will be some newcomers – old blog friends notwithstanding – and some of you haven’t met Tim, so I do hope lots of you can come.

Love to all of you, dear friends

4 comments on “Ups and downs

  1. nick

    My mother is now 93 and I sincerely hope she also dies in her bed and doesn’t get some horrible terminal illness. She gets quite lonely because many of her friends have already died and at that age it’s hard to make new ones.

    1. Z Post author

      My dear friend Marian bought an iPad when she was 94 and learned how to use it. She was fabulous – she died a year ago, at 96, but she was a great role model.


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