Z chunters on a bit

With LT, I was looking through a few of my old posts the other day and found that I used to be more opinionated, but more amusing too.  I wasn’t political or, I hope, offensive, just said what I thought rather more trenchantly than I do now.  We agree that I should lighten up a bit.  Not that I”m heavy, I think, but I’ve become a bit more solemn over the years.

I’m not going to be particularly opinionated today, because nothing catches my eye to pontificate about.  But I’ll come back to it, I expect.

I lost my (relative) blogging anonymity a few weeks ago, when Vicus put a link to a post of mine, the one about Ziggi, on Facebook.  I was quite startled, but adjusted well enough, to the extent that I’ve done the same myself a couple of times.  About different posts, I mean.  Obviously.  I don’t make a secret of blogging, but only tell the name if someone asks me for it.  It’s faintly embarrassing, I admit – you try saying “Razor-blade of Life” without sounding silly.  But there it is, I chose it nearly ten years ago and I think that, if I were to change it,  blogging would not feel the same to me.

I’m home alone this week – not literally because I’m actually pretty busy and am also having various callers, but I mean Tim isn’t here.  It’s pretty lonely.  I’d resolutely adjusted and appreciated the advantages of living alone…but they’ve vanished and proved to be mere bravado.  I don’t want to live by myself any more.


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