Lucky people*

Tomorrow is a bit busy. Actually, today was, but I thought it would be a good idea to cook three dishes for dinner, in a sort of Indian style.  I had veggies and not a lot else, and I always think they lend themselves to Indian spices.  So one was spinach and potato, another was chickpea and mushroom and the third was aubergine, simply fried with kalonji seeds, which seem to be either onion seeds or nigella, I’m not sure which.  Anyway, the ones I had were onion seeds, so that was that.

I really felt like cooking earlier in the evening, but my mojo failed me later and I nearly succumbed to an egg or two.  But I stiffened the sinews and cooked properly, which actually meant that I didn’t eat until nearly 9 o’clock.  A bit later than I meant  No matter, it just so happens that I haven’t finished work this evening and I’m not going to.  I’m waiting for the answer to an email before I complete one job and the other can be hurried in the morning.  Nothing is *that* important.

A series of anniversaries coming up, of importance mainly to me.  I don’t really bother about birthdays and anniversaries normally, except for those that quirk into my notice – for example, I noted my 33 and a third birthday, quietly to myself, and didn’t tell anyone else.  That was before I had a blog.  Now, I tell you too.  You lucky people.

*Yes, I mean you…

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