Typographical Frivolity

I’ve realused I had completely forgotten two people I’ll be buying presents for.  I knew about the other three I have yet to shop for.  On hear.  (oh dear, that should have been).  I have, however, biught tickets for the local pantomime for next Monday, which is part of my present to the children and Dilly.  And also to Weeza, I should say, because I have not bought a ticket for her.  The matter of wthether going to the panto is a treat…

Leave space for cries of “oh yes it is” and “oh no it isn’t.”

I just used Siri to set a reminder.  I said please and thank you, of course, wouldn’t you?  I was a bit creeped out by his reply though.  “Your satisfaction is all the thanks I need.”  Look, Siri, that smacks of sarcasm.  
At Tim’s behest, typos will no longer be corrected on this blog, not until the end of the year.  Or possibly just until Christmas because we may all be heartily tired of mt peculiar version of touch-typing by then.

I did learn to touch-type though, at school.  It was one of the most useful things I did learn (I was largely self-taught, it wasn’t the most academically-minded school).  I decided I couldn’t be bothered with French any longer, and declared I was giving it up.  Now, what I will say about that school was that they were helpful.  So they okayed my decision, but said I had to do something else instead, and was sent to the Business School over the road every week to learn to type.  I came to my senses a couple of years later, took O and A Level in French, win/win there.  Years later, I said to the Head at the village school that it would be very useful for the children to learn typing, as computer skills were just coming in.  ‘Oh, but it’ll all be voice recognition in a few years, they don’t need it.”  I didn’t agree, but even the chairman of governors doesn’t rule in the classroom, so I didn’t pursue it.  But in an office, everyone talking to their computer?  Hardly.  Even if it were not for the problem of programming it to recognise your voice.  Siri is pretty good, actually, but even so, he put down ‘firk’ (firk?) for church the other night.  I am told that some people flirt with Siri or try to carry on conversations.  Er, no.  I’m not that sort of a Z.

I think that I managed that whole paragraph without a mistake.  Not bad, for me.

I hauled several pieces of beef out of the freezer this morning.  Just slices, of braising and stewing steak.  Al and Dilly buy from local farmers, but soon over-fill their own freezer and rely on ours.  Only trouble is, after a few weeks, they forget about the meat.  So it’s there for a long time.  I’ll buy them some fresh to replace it.  I diced and fried it from half-frozen because I was going out, and I suppose that had some effect, because the sauce had become thicker than I expected.  It was just a basic beef casserole, onion, carrot, garlic, red wine, a tin of tomatoes and an Oxo cube (I don’t qutie trust hte flaviur of frozen meat).  But it was gorgeous.  And there’s loads, I’ll probably freeze some.  It’ll be useful when Wink is staying oer Christmas.

Not correcting typos is good for me.  Thank you Tim.  Thank you very bloody much.  Dear heart.

9 comments on “Typographical Frivolity

  1. Mike and Ann

    Yes, I too found the old self taught touch typing skills came in useful when I finally bought a computer about six years ago. I’d almost forgotten how by that time, but my fingers seemed to remember, and it’s almost like falling off a bike – you never forget how. And how very different a computer keyboard is to the old upright Remington I learned on in my teens (and how very much easier it is to correct mistakes!!) – I think I’m a better typist now than I ever have been.

  2. Tim

    I’ll probably correct most of mine, soi that you’ll think I’m perfect (but sneak the odd one in0)
    I have an old steam typewriter up in the artic, you really needed strong wrists. NO, ATTIC!

  3. Rog

    I’m so impressed with Siri. And you can do reminders which come up when you are tracked as leaving the house etc! I asked it to marry me and he said we don’t know each other well enough. Early doors.

  4. Z

    What? Oh Tim, I trusted you. I’m so gullible.

    Siri doesn’t always quite understand what I’m getting at, though. Willing, but gets a bit confused. Oh wait, certainly husband material, then.

  5. Tim

    I haven’t met Siri, but I’m definitely not looking for a husband. Rog, good luck in your quest. I understand Siri is female in the USofA.

  6. lx

    I am a touch typist (typing class in 9th grade in the Cretaceous Period), except for the top row and to the right of the P, L, and M keys.

  7. Blue Witch

    Learning touch typing is something I always recommend to the teachers/parents of any child with any kind of language/literacy/(and sometimes, depending what sort of) physical difficulty.

    I did typing evening classes while doing A levels. The best thing I ever did.

    These days, my neurology/physiology means that the slight left side lag often means I transpose letters, particularly when I am tired. Interestingly, when I’ve had a couple of drinks it often gets better… Perhaps I will adopt your no correction approach…


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