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I received a present from Texas.  Thank you very much, LX.  I shall enjoy getting to grips with cup and spoon measurements instead of ounces or grammes, and think of you every time I bake.

It has been a full day if not a busy one.  My friend from childhood, Charlotte, visited us – she last stayed back in February, but has been ill most of the year so, although we’ve spoken on the phone, I haven’t seen her.  She has moved here from Holland and now lives in the next town, a few miles away.

The new boiler was installed yesterday, I paid the bill straight into Mourad’s account this morning.  He and James, my tenant, are both happy.  My bank account is straitened but not quite empty.  I can still afford Christmas, especially as I just had a credit card bill today for only £14.13.  I am quite a frugal Z, on the whole, which is a rather dismal thing to be, I think.  I’m sure you all have a mental picture of me merrily shopping my way out of the recession.

Those of you who visited us in May (or at any other time) would not believe the loveliness out in the drive.  No weeds in the gravel, a good layer of new gravel and plenty of space to park any number of cars.  It’s so spruce and tidy that it makes me slightly uncomfortable.  Too perfect, you know?  I don’t really feel quite at ease* with perfection and prefer slight shabbiness and a few randomly scattered items that shouldn’t be there.  Still, it’s only a matter of time and I will have my wish.  I have every confidence.

Darlings, it’s only half past ten but I didn’t get all the sleep I’d have liked.  I’m going to bed soon.  Sweet dreams.

*Thank you, Tim

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