The Sage doesn’t understand punctuation

The Sage would bankrupt himself within days if not for me.  Fortunately – well, I suppose – the eBay account is in my name and goes through my email, because that was how I discovered that he’d accidentally left a bid of £67,999 rather than £67.99 because he doesn’t know the difference between a full stop and a comma.

Yes, it has been fully and frankly discussed.  Yes, thank you eBay, I have been able to retract the bid (which had gone up to nearly £200 by then, so I might feel morally obliged to not disappoint the vendors by putting in another bid to bring it up to that…but not tonight, I’m too cross) and the Sage has promised to be more careful in future, and get me to do his bidding.  Which I get so bored with, mind you.  No, things are not totally harmonious in the Zedary.  It’ll blow over, of course, it was a mistake and anyone can make mistakes, hey?

Sixty-eight thousand pounds for a wrap-around vesta though.  Bli me.  Though £200 is beyond common sense too.

The day had been spent charmingly, with Dilly and Hay, and then at the church watching the Nativity play.  Anyone who can resist the Christmas story has to be tired of life.  You don’t have to believe it’s more than an allegory* to be touched and moved by it, especially when enacted by children.  Two girls sang a duet at the Annunciation, while two other girls played the acting parts of Mary and the angel Gabriel.  Their voices were beautiful, they are ten years old at most but sang clear and true.

The final part of the drive is under way at last.  The area outside Al and Dilly’s gate has been scraped down to leave room for gravel, which was then applied and there really is not much more to do,  Another few loads of gravel, once other areas have been scraped free of weeds and levelled, and we’ll finally be done.  And then we can move on to the next job.  I’d say it’s like the Firth of Forth bridge, but they completed the painting of that.  We will never finish here.

*I have no wish to involve religious, political or other views here, darlings

12 comments on “The Sage doesn’t understand punctuation

  1. 63mago

    Maybe, saied with all caution and in all respect, it’s not as much a matter of knowing the difference between “.” and “,”, but of actually recognizing it? Reading “normal” text in word (at 90%, 12 pt) I can not see, whether it’s a dot or a small line. But this is just an idea.
    And of course, there’s always work in or around the house.

  2. Z

    I’d marked it on his keyboard, Mago, because it is a mistake he makes regularly. But he has normally just come to ask me why the bid won’t be accepted. And you are very kind. I shall tell the Sage he has a friend on his side.

    There is plenty to do in the house too, yes.

  3. allotmentqueen

    Fortunately, the Sage is unlikely to ever get as far as the 68 grand as E-bay will only ever push you to one increment past the otherwise highest bidder. But it does mean you’re paying more than you need, as you’ve pushed someone else to their limit which doesn’t usually happen.

    In this house the E-bay regulars have perfected the art of bidding in the last ten seconds so that no-one else has the chance to outbid them and thereby push the price up.

  4. Z

    Oh yes, I know, but it was the total carelessness that was the point of my indignation. It’s awfully easy to make a mistake, but he didn’t even realise what he’d done.

    There are programmes that you can use to get in at the last second aren’t there? I suppose you have to pay to use the service.

  5. Rog

    We get retracted bids quite often due to digital problems (eg finger trouble!).

    The sniping services appear to work but I’ve always been a bit reluctant to pass them my name and password. With the countdown timer it’s a lot easier to bid manually in the last 15 seconds.

  6. Z

    The Sage is sufficiently penitent to have promised to take a bit more care. Although, that’ll be the day. My job is sorting out the chaos he leaves behind. Although I wouldn’t want a less interesting life, I must say (please don’t tell him I said that, he finally is listening to a word I say).

  7. mig

    That’s a bit scary. I’ve been thinking it’s time Barney had his own computer so I can stop helping him play with his stamps – and bidding for them in postal auctions. Not that he has a problem with punctuation but his typing leaves almost everything to be desired.


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