Z is given flowers

The Head has asked if I’d be able to go into staff briefing this morning and I said I would, but I was running slightly late – and I do get to appointments on time, so I did indeed run from the car park and just made it.  The Head was waiting for me, didn’t let me sign in but whisked me straight through to the staff room.

Okay, so now I know how he feels when he gets praised.  I stared at my feet for a bit and, when everyone clapped, said “thank you – thank you – no, do stop!  It’s a pleasure.”

And yes, it has been quite a year at the school and it would all have happened just as well if not for me.  I didn’t make the difference, but I have given all the support I can and I’ve done pretty well.  The flowers are not undeserved, but they are unnecessary.

Although the weather has become mild and wet – apparently much of the country has snow – there’s nothing like end of term to make the holiday spirit kick in.  I’m having lunch with two other governors at a nice pub in the next village where they have good food and a log fire, and then we’re going along to the informal pop concert at the school in the afternoon.  Great fun, staff and students join in, governors don’t, fortunately.

Oh, and  Lovejoy lives!  Well, that doesn’t surprise me at all.  Have you actually met Rog?

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