I phoned the dentist at 8.40 and was sitting in the surgery chair at 11 this morning, and out again twenty minutes later with a repaired tooth and £60 the poorer.  As the whole thing was completely painless – I started on the 17 times table, but didn’t bother to get further than 170 – I was not too bothered.  I went in search of a cup of coffee, but was tempted into the Apple Store and spent some time playing with iPads instead.

I’m not sure that I can identify what is better about it, it could be that I’m simply more familiar using one after several goes, but it does seem lighter and slicker and I am confirmed in my decision to buy one, finances permitting (no reason why not, I’ve Saved Up) just as soon as they’re in stock.  The nice assistant I chatted to admitted that she loves the new machine and can’t stop playing with it – “I’ve been unfaithful to my iPad,” she confessed.

I spent quite some time in the garden hacking out brambles and chopping down overgrown greenery with pruning saw and secateurs, which is what passes for gardening in my overgrown world.  The Sage returned safely at about 5 o’clock, by which time it was a lovely sunny evening.  He had had a good run, but was a bit shaken by some of the bad driving he’d seen on the main roads.

I must just do a bit more shopping for Weeza’s birthday and then I’m having an early night.

7 comments on “Toothsome

  1. Marion

    Your property sounds like mine.
    Wild roses have completely taken over. You can’t cut them without being viciously ripped by thorns. And the scrubby-like plants! I feel overwhelmed. Our cleared space is getting smaller every year. Soon it will be just park the car and hack your way to the door.

  2. Z

    Marion, we could be a pair of Sleeping Beauties and hope for a handsome prince? The Sage and I do have hopes of a solution, but don’t yet know if our plans will bear fruit.

    The secret of a happy life is not to want what you can’t have, I’ve always found, Dave. If I couldn’t afford one, I wouldn’t be daft enough to go and play with it and hanker.

  3. Z

    More teeth out? Will he have any left?

    Tilly, in her last year, preferred the pre-chopped stick chewers, or the soft ones. Her teeth were all right, but her digestion wasn’t all it could be.


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