In for a penny…

The Sage phoned to say he’d arrived safely with Wink after a very easy journey.  He’s taken to driving the South side of the M25, it’s only about 5 miles further and, he finds, much less busy.  I phoned back later to see if they’d watched Antiques Roadshow, as there were a couple of items he’d have been very interested in – but they’d gone to the village pub for dinner and had missed it.  I’ll have to see if it’s repeated.  Annoyingly, the paper doesn’t give repeats – that is, it would be really useful if it said every time a programme is on, because a few are repeated more than once..  I suppose it’s on iPlayer otherwise, he’ll see it one way or another.

This morning, church was lovely because a friend came along – we hadn’t lost touch, but she and her husband (from whom she separated about a year ago) used to be part of our congregation for several years until they started going to another church where there were more children, for their own two’s sake.  She is a lovely girl, young enough to be my daughter of course, but we are very fond of each other and I do hope she’ll come again sometimes.  It just feels right for her to be there.

Tonight, depressingly enough, I broke a tooth.  I wasn’t doing anything, just eating a piece of apple.  It’s a back tooth.  I’ll phone the dentist in the morning.  I think he can fill rather than crown it – let’s hope so, that’d be at least half an iPad-worth.

For some years, I judged the cost of things by their value in Lowestoft china – “that’s only a cracked teabowl” or “that’s a decent teapot.’  The cost of the Sage’s vestas is too variable, they could cost a few pounds or quite a lot.  He had left a bid on one for tonight and, when I got an email to say he’d been outbid, I rang to ask if he wanted me to bid again.  He said not.  Don’t know why, it was less than half a crown.

8 comments on “In for a penny…

  1. Roses

    At the moment I’m trying not to think about the iPod Touch. It would be perfect for me to go to London with at the end of April. Music, games, video.

    My credit card is appalling at the moment.

    I hope the trip to the dentist isn’t too painful.

  2. Z

    That is an excellent and depressing point, Rog. Since I plan to buy an iPad 2 once the queues have died down, mine will cost a bit more than that, but it’s a good way to get it into perspective.

    Thanks, Roses. I phoned at 8.30 and got an appointment for 11 which is good – I go to the dentist in Unthank Road. I dominate my credit card and don’t let it get ideas above its station.

    Glad that you saw what I did there, Dave.

  3. Zig

    on the otherhand Z, one iPad2 = 5 homeless New Forest foals . . .

    so, I’m with you when the Qs have reduced and I’ve sold a NF pony 🙂

    (not really)
    (sell I mean)
    (who’d buy Freddie?!)

  4. Z

    We’ve rescued a horse, a pony and a donkey in our time but I’m not sure that I’m up to looking after a wildish foal.

    Nor of cooking one, Simon. I’m not getting into a debate on that!


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