Travelling Sage

The Sage is off on his travels again.  He has an appointment in Sussex on Monday morning, so rather than leave at an absurd hour (and get on to the M25 in the rush hour), he’s going to stay with Wink in Wiltshire tomorrow and leave at a rather less stupid o’clock on Monday morning.

Of course, he didn’t tell me this.  He started in a roundabout fashion until, I worked it out.  “Fine, good idea,” I said airily – which it is, although actually he might as well stay in a hotel near his destination, Wiltshire being a very long way round.  But it’s a good excuse to drop in and see Wink.  And, knowing him, he’ll think of a couple of other friends to call on while he’s about it.

So tomorrow will be quiet around here.  I wonder what I’ll find to do.

4 comments on “Travelling Sage

  1. Christopher

    Steady, steady, Dave. Men are very sensitive about their Vestas. Many would actually prefer to have a little dust scattered on them rather than have existing dust removed. As for his itinerary, Northumberland is well worth visiting.


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