Dial P for p***

I am reluctantly obliged to confirm that it’s the Sage who keeps me from peaceful slumber.  He twitched and muttered at 4 o’clock this morning, woke me up and I couldn’t sleep again.  In the end, because he wasn’t quite still and quiet enough for me (though by that time a log of wood would not have been), I went into the spare bedroom.  I did sleep eventually, and he was very apologetic when he brought me a cup of tea this morning.  He could hardly help it, poor lamb, but I had noticed what a wonderful night’s sleep I’d had while he was away!

This afternoon has been splendidly encouraging.  I phoned John Lewis in Brent Cross to order a new washing machine for the London flat.  I must have been on the phone for 20 minutes with a delightful and friendly assistant whose name is Betty, and she was very helpful.  I think it’s a fantastic bargain, they are delivering and fitting the new machine for £25 and removing and disposing of the old one for £9.  I told her that it’s an upstairs flat and the job will be awkward, but it seems there’s no extra charge – of course, I’ll give the men a good tip.  Gratuity, darlings, not advice on which horse to back in the Grand National.  Or women of course, but it will take a powerful pair of people of whatever sex to manhandle a washer/dryer up and down those stairs.

It so happens that I’m going to London anyway that day on a Nadfas visit to the V&A.  I can’t find the details at present, but I’ll go by coach, whiz round the exhibition and then go to the flat, wait for the delivery and then come home by train.

I also phoned about our TV licence.  I went online a few weeks ago to apply for a short-term licence, but never received the promised invoice in the post, so thought I’d get it sorted out before it was overdue.  Another helpful and friendly person, this time a man called Ted.  I have paid a mere £24.25 – apparently, the Sage will receive a freebie for the month of his birthday.  All fine and I pay due appreciation to call centres that work well and to efficient and really delightful staff.

Dave mentioned today on his blog his most popular ever post – I don’t know what mine is, because I rarely do more than glance at the weekly statistic email that I receive – that is, I look to see the number of visitors in the past week and that’s all.  But I do know my favourite post, and that it’s not my favourite because of what I wrote, but because of the comments – which I added to the post itself.  I just re-read it (here) and laughed again.  It dates from March 07 and it makes me realise how long I’ve known a lot of you.

11 comments on “Dial P for p***

  1. Ros

    Ah the bed sharing….

    Had the Pianoman (formerly known as the Chairman) not shuffled off this mortal coil, we were about to treat ourselves to two kingsize beds (luckily our bedroom at the old house was huge), as we both fidgeted and kept each other awake.

    Our local John Lewis (Brent Cross) is full of helpful staff, not only that, there’s always a good deal. Longer than usual guarantees on
    computers and other electronic/electrical goods, reasonable delivery charges, you ought to consider them for your ipad :).

  2. PixieMum

    John Lewis staff, especially in electronics and TV departments are specialists in their field.

    That is why John Lewis originally did not open Sundays and Mondays so the specialist staff were on duty for five days a week.

    We would never buy TVs, laptops etc. any where else.

  3. Eddie 2-Sox

    On-topic with the Piss, I have to say that the Manneken Pis in Brussels is by far the most disappointing “sight” I have ever seen. It’s only about two centimetres tall and they dress it in a ridiculous array of costumes throughout the year.

    Bunch of piss-taking Belgian piss artists!

  4. Pat

    It is difficult when one has the odd restless night – courtesy of one’s sleeping partner, but hopefully it is just the odd one.
    We only have separate rooms if one of us is full of something germy.
    I think if one’s sleep was being seriously disturbed I would consider separate beds before separate rooms but then what would one wrap one’s feet around?

  5. Z

    I can hardly believe it either, Dave. I will check back.

    Ros, I would love to think that your situation has changed for the better – do you hint that your chair has been given the elbow?

    John Lewis in Norwich was a privately-owned and much loved department store called Bonds. JL was about the only chain that could have taken it over and not destroyed its good qualities. Pretty well all our electrical equipment has come from there.

    Simon, I might not be quite so metrically aware as some, but I think he’s a bit more than 2 cm. However, I agree he’s disappointing and a bit naff.

    The Sage would be horrified if I wanted a separate bed, Pat, and I think we’d visit each other every night anyway. The only thing that would change my mind would be snoring, but fortunately neither of us does.


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