Time to spare

There’s always time for blogging after all, isn’t there? Especially where there is free wifi.

It’s all been remarkably easy this morning. We strolled across from the hotel around 8.30 and were the first to check in (Air Malta don’t do online check-in). The security people were friendly and chatty – my hip set off the alarm so I was well patted by the lady, while the man sang to me. We were greeted by various other staff in the friendliest way and our charming waiter, Jacek, who is Polish, chatted too. I’m assuming that the staff here like Sundays.

The Bod hasn’t come with us in the end. His mum is still in Bath hospital, waiting for a bed to be available in Warminster, which is where they live. I think that if she had moved already she would have been okay, but as it is, she was quite scared of being left. He’s right to put her first, of course, and he will get his money back through his insurance, but is very disappointed, of course. As are we. But we will have a good jolly, no doubt.

If I don’t find there is free wifi at the hotel, it may take a while for me to check in with you all again. Take great care of yourselves while I’m away and not keeping my eye on you.

6 comments on “Time to spare

  1. Dave

    Ironic, isn’t it, that you had to stay in an hotel overnight because of the inconvenient day the Bod chose for the break, and now he’s not there – but still, it sounds as if you’ve got a relaxing start to the actual holiday, being able to stroll to the check-in.

  2. Z

    The irony is not lost on us. Indeed, had he gone for
    mid-week or next week as I’d have preferred, he might have been able to come.

  3. Z

    BTW, as the timing was his mistake and no one could get here in time without an overnight stay, he has very generously insisted on picking up the bill for the hotel last night. I arrived to find it pre-paid.

  4. Pat

    If you are in Malta and visit Gozo the tiny church you see on the hill as you reach the harbour is where I had a most wonderful experience in a spiritual sense thought you’d like to know that:)


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