Z is too organised

I seem to have got everything done, which is quite disconcerting.  I even have turfed everything out of the fridge that I think the Sage might not use up.  I’ve emailed people about sales results and got someone to attend a meeting for me next week and done all my Nadfas stuff, including retyping the reports (no I can’t scan them) that people unhelpfully gave me instead of emailing.  I finally booked holiday insurance, I’ve remembered to pack everything, I think, and I’ve checked the website for the stops.  Weeza will give me a lift to the station so I’ll have to get an additional ticket from Norwich to Diss, but it’ll save the Sage from giving me a lift.

I’m actually sitting around waiting to leave.  This is very surprising.  Evidently, if I need to get myself organised, I can.

Don’t think I’ll make a habit of it, however.  It’s less exciting.

7 comments on “Z is too organised

  1. Alienne

    Have a lovely holiday and I look forward to hearing about it. I have never been to Malta but it was one of the few places my father went to when he was in the Navy that he ever wanted to go back to.

  2. Z

    I’m terribly sensible this time. Although actually, I’m more sensible than I look. I am far too lazy to live really close to the edge.

    Thank you darlings. I am all relaxed and prepared now.


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