Relaxing in the sunshine

Having a lovely time, wish you were here…

I’ve been to the Armoury, Mike and Ann. And I’ve written you a postcard, Dave. Haven’t actually posted it but the thought was there.

Hope you’re all being very good without me to keep an eye on you.

11 comments on “Relaxing in the sunshine

  1. Dave

    Thata’s very good of you. The weather’s been lovely here too. Just right for bricklaying. Unfortunately the Sage seems to be busy with other plans, so not a single tile laid.

  2. Z

    It figures. Although, to be fair, it’s true. There’s a lot to be done after the sale. He was telling me last night he had china to deliver to several customers today.

  3. Mike and Ann

    Hello Z. ‘Relaxing in the sunshine sounds pretty good to us’. We’re half planning to enjoy a bit of southern sunshine somewhere around February time -we’ll see. In the meantime a fairly decentish autumn continues in East Anglia. Enjoy Malta.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. 63mago

    Sun and warmth over the weekend, but greyish cold wetness now, oh Franconia … one must be born there to love it.
    Enjoy the lovely island in the sun!

  5. Z

    English people love their weather too. Always a topic of interest and we always have something to talk about.

    “what you chortling about?” asked Wink. “my friend Rog,” I replied.


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