Today we went to Mdina, which was absolutely delightful. I can imagine living there. Actually, now I come to think of it, I like walled towns. I’m trying to think of one in Spain that I liked very much – one of you will tell me, I visited it on the same day I went to Segovia … which I also loved, I’d have liked to spend more time there.

Gratifyingly, the Sage says he’s missing me. He even used the L word yesterday. So I should think.

Last night I slept well, at last, after three nights of very little sleep at all. Thank goodness for that – I was starting to think that I’d arrive home more tired that I left and in need of another holiday.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll have a little mid-afternoon nap. Don’t work too hard, will you, darlings. It would be such a pity if you started to make me feel guilty.

Excuse me being less than reliable about replying to comments. It’s all just a bit more fiddly on this little screen. I’m reading them of course, and thank you.

16 comments on “Zedwalled

  1. Z

    Wink has just pointed out that we’ve already got a moat around most of the town. Darling, this will be marvellous.

    Certainly, Dand.

  2. Roses

    Ooo…if you have a wall and moat around Yagnub, can I be the alien invader? I haven’t stormed a castle in years.

    A spot of raping and pillaging might be just the thing for beating off the winter blues.

  3. Christopher

    I don’t think you can have ramparts and siestas, It’s one or the other. Or, with that nostalgic streak that runs through you, were you thinking of ‘siesta’ with 18th century letterpress, i.e. ‘fiesta’?

  4. Z

    Fiestas would be marvellous. One would need the siesta on the ramparts afterwards, though. This is all coming together very well. Thank you, Chris.

  5. Z

    You’re going to do the invading, raping and pillaging all on your own, Roses? Good luck. I think you’ll need a stiff drink afterwards.

  6. Z

    Well, if you haven’t pillaged it all, you’re welcome. In fact, if you’d like to pillage the excellent wine merchant in Trinity Street, you could bring a bottle?


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