Time for food

By the way, that deli where Weeza and I had lunch yesterday is Clark & Ravenscroft in St Gregorys Alley. It’s right in the middle of Norwich, only a couple of minutes’ walk from the marketplace – if you go down Upper Goat Lane by St Giles car park then it’s opposite the church and the little open square. Huge bowl of delicious soup with granary bread, a generous sandwich with proper lettuce, not the prepacked stuff, a pot of tea and a big breakfast cup of good coffee was £9.60 and good value. Most people take out, I should think, as there’s not much room to eat in and I suppose that’s cheaper as they don’t have to charge VAT.

So tonight, Ro approved of his dinner, which was fillets of sea bream. “Straightforward to eat, you see. Delicious and not all those bones. This is a sensible fish.” “Not as canny as the herring, surely?” I suggested. “Why would a fish want to be easy to eat?” We debated why a bloater, being exactly the same fish as a kipper, seems more bony (according to Ro). I thought perhaps the splitting before being smoked might dry the bones out and make them easier to lift.

Squiffany stayed for Harvest Lunch at her nursery school today. The children made bread, vegetable soup and apple crumble. When I went to fetch her, she was brandishing a party invitation. In the car, she read it out to me. “Florence and Christian invite you to come to their party because they would really like you to come,” she said. “There is a picture of a cake with five candles.” I looked later. The invitation was from Mia in fact, but there were indeed five candles – though I suspect Mia will be four. Later, Dilly showed her various times on a clock jigsaw. Up to 3 o’clock, she knew it, after that she counted, but she could do them all. She can write all the letters in her brother’s name now, though does them in the wrong order.

I’ve let this week drift and got nothing done. Tomorrow, I’m interviewing in the morning and helping set up the room for a quiz and supper in the evening. I’m helping with the marking and scoring, not taking part. I’m not doing the cooking either.

9 comments on “Time for food

  1. Caitlin

    My week has drifted too,something in the air I expect.

    I quite fancy lunch at Clark & Ravenscroft….probably out of the question from here though.

  2. badgerdaddy

    There’s a very good deli on… 5 think it’s Unthank Road. A bit out of town, on the row of shops after the Lily Langtree pub – they do the best sandwiches I’ve had in years, and if you phone early while they’re making them they’ll make sure they do your favourite one…

    Great breads in there too.

    I hope it’s still there, anyway.

  3. Z

    Maybe they do mail order, Caitlin.

    I suppose most food is a variation of water with flavourings, Dave. The sandwich filling was smoked duck, which I did mention the day before but which I expect, with your headache, you didn’t notice.

    Quite a long way to go for a sandwich too, Badge, especially as you don’t drive – or you didn’t when you lived here. My dentist is on Unthank Road, I know the row of shops you mean.

  4. Dave

    I find I start to forget things after about 3 o’clock, just like Dilly.

    Please notice my restraint in not saying ‘your dog’ there.

  5. MaryP

    Being some 1500 miles from an ocean, I know very little about fish. Though we could hunt it out if we wanted, it would take a little doing. I’m impressed by your options!

    I’m amused by Squiffany’s invitation. Will she be disappointed, do you think, when she arrives at the party to fine not Florence and Christian, but Mia?

  6. Z

    Dave, you’re a model of charm and restraint at all times.

    Growing up in a fishing town, we ate a lot of it. In my childhood, the fleet owners were very wealthy.

    No, Squiffany was fine with being told whose party it is. Mia’s mother is very organised – the party isn’t for another 5 or 6 weeks. Squiffany is very into party games at the moment – playing with Ro last week, he went along good-naturedly with musical statues and musical chairs, but was a bit startled by musical tummies!


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