Z kept score

So, tonight was the Church Quiz. No, there was nothing religious about it, it was just being done as a fundraiser. Judy did it all, the food, the drink, the questions and the organisation of everything. Her husband Brian and I helped set up the room and Brenda did the washing up. Brian and I ran the quiz itself while Judy was busy in the kitchen. She said, not without respect, that I was bossy. Well, I don’t think so, but people like to know where they are, don’t they? As Sally was leaving, I told her that I’d been called bossy. “What? No! Who said that?” I told her I loved her, and said “Judy.” “Judy?”chuckled Sally. “Pot – kettle…”

The interviews went well this morning and, interestingly, we all picked the same candidate but expected the others to pick the other candidate. In fact, they were both good so it was a matter of ‘fit’ – since we all know the department well, I suppose that it’s not so surprising that we chose alike.

Two friends’ grandsons were born today – that is, two completely different families and, coincidentally, both little boys have been called Ethan. One of them, I’m sorry to say, is ill. They knew there would be a major problem so he was born by planned Caesarean section as childbirth would have been too much for him. He was born with one kidney and the other one is not fully formed. Positive thoughts for him, please? The other little Ethan is fine and will be home tomorrow. He’s the first baby in the family and the first grandson.

4 comments on “Z kept score

  1. Z

    Thanks, LOM. My friends, the grandparents, have travelled up to Cheshire to visit them all today in hospital. There are two healthy children in the family but they lost another little boy at birth and they are very anxious, of course.

  2. luckyzmom

    My thoughts and prayers were on there way even before I read your request.

    I am willing to give direction if needed, otherwise everything is all willy nilly. Call that bossy if you like. I call it helpful.


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