Ro likes bananas …

Ro wonders, a bit grumpily, just why bloaters need all those bones. After all, they taste so good – why does a herring seem to have so many more bones than most other fish do? I have no answer for him. I don’t mind bones. The smaller ones, I simply eat. I am more than half dog, after all and have a robust digestion and no qualms about overburdening it.

I finally ventured into Boots in the town today, for the second time. The first occasion, the week it was opened, I was deeply unimpressed, but it wasn’t fully stocked then. I wasn’t much more pleased this time. The thing I wanted wasn’t there and I had to get a lesser substitute and I didn’t care for any of the toothbrushes. All I want is a toothbrush with a medium or small head and without irregular bristles, and they didn’t have one. Not even the ones costing a ludicrous amount of money were acceptable. I went to the Gay Shopper next door and bought one cheaper than any of them that is fine.

Ooh, apparently Bob in the sweetshop/stationers has found a buyer who has taken it over, stock and all, and the changeover has already happened and I missed it. Bob lives in the same village I do so no doubt I will see him around. I’m glad that the shop will continue at any rate.

Zerlina enjoyed her shopping trip to Norwich and very much appreciates her presents. She was a good girl and cleverly needed changing or feeding when there was a suitable place to do it, so the occasion was not stressful at all. Weeza found a very good little deli for lunch, where she had a smoked duck sandwiich and I had spiced lentil soup and both were delicious and the proprietor was charming. Judging by the name and the fact that they are doing the food for the local launching of a new book next week, we think that she or her partner must be an offspring of the late lamented John Peel.

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  1. Z


    Dave, your nicety is misplaced. For one thing ‘any is fine’ is normally correct because ‘any’ implies a singular, but in this case I’d said ‘one….that is fine.’ The ‘is’ didn’t refer to ‘them’. If your pedantry had led to to complain that I should have put commas after ‘one’ and ‘them’ you might have had a point although there would still be some debate about it.

  2. badgerdaddy

    Oooh, a newish look for the blog commentry. Like it.

    Can’t believe Bob’s gone – he’s a legend! I still tell stories about him now, to friends. Gutted about that. Tell him I said hello – don’t know if he’ll remember me, not sure he ever knew my name, but give it a go if you see him please!

  3. Jon

    Mmm…I like duck. They make good sandwiches.

    And swimmers.

    Excuse my ignorance, what does ‘bloglined’ mean? I trust it is something positive and not some sordid practice I haven’t heard of, but thanks in advance for doing it 🙂

  4. Z

    I avoided the overpriced ones that were in styles my dentist has advised me to avoid (big heads, jagged bristles) and bought one cheaper and better, Dave darling. Have you conceded the grammatical point?

    Not of my doing, Badge. And Bob put the place up for sale earlier in the year, but last time I asked, he hadn’t had any offers. He’s not been too well the last couple of winters so it’s as well he won’t have another one there but I agree, I’ll miss him. He’s been there well over 20 years.

    Welcome, Jon. Multi-talented, ducks. Bloglines is a feed reader – tells me when you’ve written a post. I won’t promise no sordid practices, but I’m relatively innocent this time.

  5. Dave

    No, I concede nothing. I merely suggest that, when I read your post, it looked as if you were trying to say, not:

    ‘(I) bought one cheaper than any of them that is fine.’

    But: ‘I bought one that was cheaper than any of those fine ones.’

  6. Z

    But if you’d accepted that the grammar was correct then the meaning would have been apparent. ‘Any of them that is fine’ doesn’t mean anything, therefore I wouldn’t have said it (‘trying to say’?) and, if you had realised that, you could have reread the sentence and understood its meaning. As I said before, arguably it would have been easier to read with added commas, but the sense would still be exactly the same.

  7. Dave

    Please ignore my comments today. I have a headache (in addition to the usual pains in kidneys and wrist) and generally feel quite down and grumpy. My first comment was about something that struck me as funny. The rest were unnecessary.

  8. sablonneuse

    Have to agree with Ro about fishbones. Kippers taste OK but the bones put me off. Then there’s the lingering smell when you cook them. (Can’t get cook in the bag ones here.)
    Never heard of drizzly Marmite (previous post) but you’ve saved me the bother of trying it – thanks!

  9. Z

    I love smokiness, such as Laphroaig whisky, Lapsang Souchong tea and smoked fish and bacon. Unfortunately, it has now been deemed to be unhealthy – the food at any rate. I don’t mind bones – I also eat shrimps in their shells. I am extremely unpicky when it comes to food and like almost anything except the snotty texture of some Chinese food, but I can eat even that.

    *Ignores Dave’s comment as instructed, but affectionately*

  10. luckyzmom

    Totally out of my element here today. Or is it “,here today”? or maybe “here, today”? or….. I prefer a blended scotch, with or without bones. I think I will have chicken today though, prepared sans snot, with a pinch of wit.

  11. Dandelion

    Laphroaig! Ew! I find that most horrifically nasty. Ditto for the Lapsang Souchong. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, either of them. Give me a Highland Park and an English Breakfast any day of the week.

  12. Z

    Dave and I enjoy being pernickety together, especially when he catches me out, which he did the other day on his own blog. You and Dandelion can have one bottle of whisky and Sandy and I can have the other.


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