Tilly pwns Z

A lot of work went on here today. Weeza turned up at 9.15, when I was making cakes for church (yes, darlings, I know) and she and the Sage disappeared into the dining room to get the china in order for the next sale. I made and iced 33 fairy cakes and took them to church and, when I got home again, W & the S were just finished and ready for cheese and biscuits, which was my apology for Sunday lunch.

After a short break, we spent the next three hours doing the descriptions and condition report. I left the latter to W – I need to go out into the daylight to be sure of spotting every little mark, but she’s got fantastic eyesight. I did the typing.

We’d normally spend 3 days on this. But this is the only day that Weeza has free.

I do need to check what I’ve written, particularly that I’ve got all the estimates correct, and I’ll probably do a bit of tweaking to the words, but I’d got every morning next week marked down for doing this work, so giving up a Sunday was certainly worthwhile, especially in view of normal Bank Holiday weekend weather. That is, it hailed this afternoon.

Tilly decided that she was ready for her dinner at about 3 o’clock. She came and looked at me. I gave her a Tilly-treat, aka a Bakers Allsort, sometimes known as a Scooby Snack. She looked at me again. I explained that it would be dinner time soon and she’d already shared our lunch and that one was enough. She looked at me. I said no. She looked at me.

I gave her another Tilly-treat.

A few minutes later, hungry again, she came back, but we were part-way through a tray of china so I explained that she’d have to wait. She sniffed the china, to our alarm. She never goes near it. When told not to, she went and sniffed the other trayful.

I went and got her dinner ready.

Later again, I was nosing in the freezer, wondering what to cook for dinner. Suddenly, there were two peremptory barks.

Tilly had waited long enough and wanted to go and lie on her sofa. I opened the door. I apologised for keeping her waiting.

11 comments on “Tilly pwns Z

  1. Ad

    How polite. I should have done something similar today, although the china would’ve need washing and the tea was only for one.

  2. Alienne

    I wonder if I will be allowed to get away with bossy when I am old and frail … at the moment any attempts are just met with rolling of the eyes and deep sighing. Or rampant sarcasm.

  3. Rog

    I think she was implying ” Give me food or the china gets it!”

    Mr Murph used to have a mealtime sense to the second…you could set your watch by him.

  4. Z

    I don’t think so, Alienne. Or at any rate, if offspring suddenly start to be unexpectedly kind and patient, I’d wonder what the doctor had told them that he hadn’t told me.

    Not that Tilly’s ill, I hastily reassure. Just old.

    She was, Rog. She knew exactly what she was doing.

    We’ve started giving her different ‘senior dog’ food and she loves it. It’s no wonder that she is taking advantage of her raised status.


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