This is, and completes them, exactly. The pictures are a bonus

I had said to Ro that he was welcome to stay, but he might prefer to go and visit a friend or a gallery or something. In the event, he enjoyed the company too, so he stayed with us. The weather was a bit iffy so we didn’t go out. We didn’t eat scones either, but we did, at various times, drink water, tea and beer and scoff Lovehearts. Furthermore, I was given Prizes! I was awfully pleased. I’m sure you want pictures.

We all had engagements to keep in the afternoon, so drank up and left, after much conversation, soon after 1.30. I suggested walking back to the flat, where we’d left our suitcase. The key decided not to turn for several minutes, so all our friend was allowed time for (which she was very good-natured about) was a quick hurry up and down the stairs before we left again. We strode along to the City Road, where we parted company.

The bus arrived at the stop as we did, so we actually arrived at the station in good time. Ro had been quite sure I was fussing more than I needed to; he was right but one has to allow time for hold ups, I think (one hopes, not of the hijacking variety).

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