This is not part of the thousand words

A couple of people are concerned about the number of typos they are, for understandable reasons, making at present. In a demonstration of solidarity, today I will correct no typos on any comments I make, unless they make inadvertant (whoops) rude works. Nor am I correcting this post. And mistakes are not deliberate, I make them constantlt.

Because we can all work out wat we mean, can’t we?

7 comments on “This is not part of the thousand words

  1. Z

    I’d tank you for your comment, but I fear you have something to advertise and that is the reason you have called.

  2. Z

    I expect good grammar in a business letter or in a newspaper, but in a blog I’m a lot more relaxed. For a start (thought it’s a matter of good English rather than grammar) I wouldn’t use ‘a lot’ in proper prose. I regularly staart sentences with ‘But’ or ‘And’. I get into ungrammatical labyrinthine sentences on pccasion. Since this is also the way I speak, and my blog is me talking to you, I leave it.

    As for others, it’s up to them. If I don’t like it, I leave. Mostly, I don’t mind.


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