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I finally finished clearing away after the party this morning.  I put the garden table back in the garden, put the napkins in the washing machine, took half a dozen borrowed chairs back to Al and Dilly, put several dozen glasses back in their boxes and polished the dining tables.  Then I took my lunch of cheese and biscuits out to the garden and sat at the table – that was the main reason for clearing up, of course, that I’d wanted to do that as it had turned out unexpectedly warm and sunny.  Friend Mike (not blogger Mike and Ann, other Mike and Ann) arrived just as I was starting, so I fetched another plate, knife and glass and he joined me.  He asked about the party, the Sage having told him it was a blog party – do you know, he had never heard of a blog? – so I sent him a link.

Hello Mike, darling, if the link works … this is my blog.  I write about me, mostly.

This afternoon proved distracting.  I’m supposed to have checked and completed the minutes of the last governors’ meeting, but it’s slow going.  I’d better get on, if you’ll excuse me.  

3 comments on “This is a blog

  1. Roses


    Hi Mike!

    These are the random comments that come with a blog.

    Darling, you should have said you wanted help with leftovers.

  2. Z

    Random? Well, sometimes.

    Ro and Dora took a fair bit of them, but we’re still ploughing through – though the fishmonger calls on a Monday so we did take time off from leftovers!


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