It’s raining

I suspect there are a lot of people anxiously looking at the weather forecast this week.  There are so many events planned over the long Jubilee weekend.  The powers that be did their best to fox the weather elves, it not being the 60th anniversary week either of the Queen’s accession nor of her coronation, but miserable weather is traditional for a Bank Holiday, after all.

I looked at two weather apps on my phone just now.  One promises 17º and some sunshine on Saturday, when we’re going to be at a wedding.  That looks okay, if not quite summery.  But then I looked at what it says today’s temperature is.  18º.  Um, no.  The Met. Office (I’m sorry, I used to be able to spell meteorological but now it just looks wrong whatever I put – all those o’s? – typing for years has ruined my spelling) app says it’s 17º now and feels like 16º.  I just don’t think I’d have gone upstairs and put on a wool jumper if it felt like 16º.  For Saturday, 14º and feels like 12º.  I’m going to have to rethink my wardrobe.  I can’t wear a woolly jumper at a wedding, especially in June.

The village is planning a picnic on the green on Sunday.  And the pub is doing a barbecue.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Mike and Ann

    Coronation day was much the same – weather miserable. In my village the celebrations – a planned glorified sports day on the playing field- had to be cancelled (well postponed – until the following Saturday, which was cold, dull and overcast, but dry). So, I suppose this is just history repeating itself. My father used to tell me never to trust English weather, or English weatherforecasters..

  2. Z

    I admit it’s not this year’s photo – we had to cut it back as it was going under the tiles. The flowers are just as spectacular right now, but not quite as extensive.

    Before my time, just, Mike. But yes, poor weather is to always to be expected on important occasions – though we sneaked in under the wire last Saturday!

  3. Tim

    I’ll be in south Pembrokeshire, enjoying the Carmarthen Bay Jubilee Flotilla. Kayaks, jetskis and RIBs I’d guess. And kiddies in waterwings, possibly. No royal barges.

  4. Blue Witch

    I think you’ll find that her coronation was on 2nd June 1953 (ie 60 years ago on Saturday)…

    Splendid wisteria photo. How old is the wisteria?

  5. Roses

    Thankfully, it won’t matter how many layers I’ve got on. No one will care. But agree…it does feel a bit nippy at the moment.

    Hope you get good weather for the wedding.

    We will be mooching around Cambridgeshire (apparently).

  6. Georgie

    There was a great article in Newsweek this week about the coronation (which was before my time). Some mention of a dish called Coronation Chicken that was popular at that time but the author hated. Is it really awrful? He stated many local celebrations had this dish and it was going to be popular for the anniversary.

  7. Blue Witch

    I seem to have made the same mistake as the rest of the world – it’s only 59 years on Saturday, isn’t it? Her coronation was delayed, I remember now…

  8. Z

    Not the whole of the rest of the world, BW.

    Coronation Chicken is a curried chicken salad, Georgie. Food snobs hate it because it’s uncomplicated and popular, but when freshly and carefully made it’s really quite tasty. I had some a couple of weeks ago at the party I went to, as it happens. The basic recipe is often added to now, as what seemed exotic (curry and apricot!) in 1953 isn’t now.

    I’ll ask the Sage if he can remember the wisteria being planted. It was well established 40 years ago. It was cut back to a stump when the house was re-roofed.

    Have fun this weekend, darlings

  9. Sir Bruin

    I wouldn’t worry about temperature – if they forecast sun, you will most likely need a diving suit.
    Mike – As I understand it, the weather was the least of the issues on Coronation day!

  10. Nota Bene

    Second, third and fourth the wisteria comments…ours is looking hopeless this year. Ignore the weather forecasts, they are invariably wrong…enjoy the weekend

  11. Z

    Well, the Met Office is at least saying it’ll be dry tomorrow. Heavy rain on Sunday.

    Ours did very little last year, NB – just a matter of whether a frost catches it at the wrong moment, I suppose. And thanks, the young couple looked so happy, it’s bound to go with a swing.

  12. georgie

    This week’s People magazine had the Coronation Chicken recipe used by a lady who used to be a chef to the Queen. It looks quite tasty.
    Must compare it to the recipe you posted.


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