Cor – phew

An odd thing happened, but we’re not sure when. It must have been on Sunday evening or early Monday, because the Sage found it out on Monday morning.

We have no idea what cracked the window.  There has been a hole in it for many years, undoubtedly caused by a bullet (someone potting rabbits or pigeons on the field without permission) and that happened in the Sage’s parents’ time, before we lived here.  That is visible in the middle picture.  But there’s no reason for it to have spontaneously cracked so badly as a result of that.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night, far too close and muggy.  Mind you, the Sage usually opens the bedroom windows and he didn’t, and I only realised it and opened them myself at 1.45 and I did at least catnap after that.  I went to sleep when I arrived home after lunch and napped for a good hour.

I’m keeping up the social whirl, having gone out for lunch again with a friend today.  And soon after I woke, friends called round.  They spend much of their time abroad since their retirement, having holiday homes in Portugal and Corfu, and have invited me to visit them in Corfu several times although I’ve never been able to make it at a time to suit them.  Now, I’m really going to try.  They’re coming for supper on Monday and I’ll have looked through my diary by then and will see if I’ve got a free week.  Put it another way … this time, I’m jolly well going.  I’d love to.

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