The Birthday Bash

Rain was forecast for Sunday, but that would not have been at all convenient, so it didn’t happen.  There were fourteen of us for Ro’s birthday bash – the immediate family (minus Wink and R’s sister June) plus our friend Daphne, who has known Russell for over 60 years and is Ro’s godmother.  She has also become a grandmother a few months ago, so it was lovely to see the photos of the baby.

Russell now has some kick-ass supplements and so is getting a lot more nutrition into him, which is really helping – though he was able to tuck into fillet steak and sausage at the birthday barbecue, as well as Dilly’s trifle and the Birthday Cake, which I made in the morning and the children decorated when they arrived.  Smothered in sweets and candles, it was way over the top.  There seems a good chance that much of R’s problem is ulcers, so he hopes to be much better soon and regaining his lost weight.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we have friends staying in the annexe at present.  They are having an extension built on their house, which includes the kitchen being completely remodelled, so it’s not ideal for them to live there with their two young sons, Butch and Rico.  They are very welcome to be our guests, we don’t want to let it but enjoy having it available for friends, once in a while.  They love dogs and Butch, who is nine, has become firm friends with Ben.  I let Ben into the garden in the morning and he goes and barks hopefully, in case someone will come and play with him.  They are taking him for a long walk in the evenings too, they’ve taken him to the beach, he’s having a great time and will be very sorry when they leave.    Good that it’s the summer holiday anyway, so there’s plenty of time to play.

Ro and Dora asked me for a reading at their wedding – I think I’ve mentioned this before – and they’ve chosen one from those I suggested.  Next thing, other than learning it (it’s only twenty lines), is to buy my dress.

But first, I’ve been sensible and paid my tax bill.  And the accountant is visiting tomorrow (I know, darlings, what service! – I know, it’ll come at a price) to get the info to do the returns for next time.  How relentlessly sensible I am.

The Cake

The Cake





5 comments on “The Birthday Bash

  1. nick

    That’s the most elaborate birthday cake I’ve seen in my entire life. Way over the top and absolutely wonderful!

    I never get a tax bill. My salary is PAYE so the tax is pickpocketed before I get paid. Fortunately I’m nowhere near the 40% band. I hope you’ve claimed every tax-deductible item you can think of!

  2. sablonneuse

    Fillet steak, sausage, trifle and that super Birthday cake. How much weight has R put on after that?
    If they’ve diagnosed ulcers lets hope they get on with sorting them out soon.


  3. 63mago

    Ach, there may be a kind of love story between Butch and Ben – beneidenswert.

    Good to learn that there’s a proper diagnosis looming for R. And the cake – ? I can say nothing about it, except it is very colourful.


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