Z has paid her tax bill, too

Our accountant is such a decent chap.  I thought I’d have a list of stuff to collect (I have two returns to file, the Sage has one) but he was able to extract all the information from us – though my personal affairs were sorted and printed out, darlings.  Except for one bit, which I was able to look up in a moment, as I was R’s query.

Next year, it will all be in order from the start.  It’s the first of my resolutions.  I have no need to wait until the new year, I make any resolutions when they crop up.

The bantams are adorable and have finally accepted me and trust me.  When the Sage is strong enough to look after them again, I won’t leave it all to him, but we will look after them together.  I let them all out yesterday and thought that they’d all returned, but evidently I’d counted wrong (unless we’ve acquired an extra) because the black hen with a ginger-flecked neck was clucking on the lawn this afternoon.  So I – look, darlings, I spoil those hens.  I have no problem with this, it’s not as if they are going to take over the sofa and make us sit on the floor – opened a tin of tuna, mixed it with oats and bread and used fragments to entice Indi back to the run.  She happily followed and went in of her own accord.  I hand-fed BBB (big brown bantam) because she always asks me and threw the rest for the rest to forage for.

The chickens are moulting and have gone off-lay,  From 10-18 eggs daily a couple of weeks ago, we went to 6, then 5, then 3 and, yesterday, just 1 egg.  But today there were 4.  It’s quite enough and a relief not to have dozens to dispose of.

You’ll notice that Russell is The Sage again.  His recent illness has encouraged us to put all problems behind us and let idiocies go.  Any mistakes were due to illness, all will be well.

7 comments on “Z has paid her tax bill, too

  1. kipper

    So glad Russell is once again the Sage!
    It sounds like the hens are being more productive. The neighbor has a hen named Chicken Boy. This is what happens when you let young children name animals.

  2. Z Post author

    A lot of them have lost their tail feathers, they look a bit bedraggled at the moment. Pugsley wanted to name his baby brother funkypigeondotcom, but his parents drew the line there. I don’t normally name the bantams because, with thirty of them, I’d frankly not remember which was which. There’s inexplicably a black hen out on the lawn again today, I’m not sure if it’s the same one and can’t think how she got out. I can only imagine that she sneaked out before I’d shut the door, but I didn’t see her. I’m not 100% sure it’s the same one but independent-minded black hens will all be Indi from now on.

  3. sablonneuse

    It’s difficult to identify black hens isn’t it? All mine have names and I can recognise them easily -except the black ones. Glad to hear The Sage is on the mend and thngs are getting back to normal.

  4. 63mago

    I would have difficulties to tell one hen from another regardless of the colour … but Sylvaner from Scheurebe from Bacchus is no problem to distinguish.

  5. Z Post author

    We had some pure black pedigree bantams given to us and the ones we have now are granddaughters at least, so all of them have some white, grey or ginger and they’re not identical. But I still can’t tell them apart. I’m with Mago, on the whole.


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