28 years ago part 2

Gosh, I really was tired last night.  That last couple of sentences were nonsense, I didn’t know what I was writing.  I’ve altered them, they make a bit more sense now.

So, the completion date was either the 31st July or 1st August, can’t now remember which, and we’d offered to move out a week earlier, because moving all in one day is so stressful and we knew that the deal would go ahead – there was no question of a problem at the last minute.  We agreed to leave some carpets (no fitted carpets downstairs) and curtains behind, because that would give them time to have ones of their choice, whilst having something there for the time being.  In the meantime, we were bringing boxes over here, clearing room by room.  We decided to buy ourselves a new bed and also one for Ro, moving him out of a cot.  We also bought a new sofa and chairs – we’d been married for 13 years by this time, we’d hardly ever had anything new as we couldn’t afford it – moving into a large house was an expensive operation.  This time round, we had more to spare as we’d got a very good price for the house.

The builders had been told of the moving date and reminded of it when timings started to slip – they clearly didn’t believe us and thought we could postpone moving in for a few more days.  However, the 24th was Ro’s second birthday, and we really wanted to be in for that, and we had promised our buyers a clear week’s grace.

The builders did their best, once they accepted we were going to be there, come what may.  They rigged up an electricity line from the bungalow, and we had the Aga anyway, so I was able to cook.  The new beds hadn’t arrived, so we took our old bed and the children slept on the floor.

On the day of the move, I stayed back in Lowestoft, packing last-minute items and supervising the loading up – we didn’t get in a removal firm because R had plenty of contacts in the furniture shifting world, as an auctioneer.  R was in charge of unloading and placement at the other end.  At the end of the day, I went over, expecting to find chaos.  But the house was strangely empty.  No, really empty.  Almost everything that had been delivered had been put into outbuildings.  “I didn’t want to risk putting it in the wrong rooms,” he explained.  I suggested that a dining table and chairs going into the dining room wasn’t entirely unexpected, nor was a chest of drawers full of clothes going upstairs.  But there was hardly any point in being upset, so I didn’t get cross.  It was just the way he was.  And is.  It’s no wonder that I take most things as they come, I’ve had a life of surprises.

And you may have noticed that today must be Ronan’s 30th birthday.  Happy birthday, Ro!

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  1. Z Post author

    Thank you all, we had a lovely get-together today and a very happy weekend – I’ll try to find time to write a post tomorrow.


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