In the days when I was chairman of a Nadfas society and it was down to me to give a vote of thanks, I used to latch on to names, facts and individual pictures to mention – it’s my experience that remembering and linking a few facts gives the impression that you remember every word.  One of today’s slides that I certainly would have mentioned appreciatively was this one.  The picture wasn’t quite so full-on, but quite enough.  Hmmmm.

It was a whole day event with three lectures, but I couldn’t stay after lunch, as I had to get back to a funeral – not going to say more there, the circumstances were deeply upsetting but I’m an onlooker, not a sufferer.  Then a meeting at the school, I came home tired and a bit drained and seem to have had a couple of glasses of wine without really noticing.  At least the kilo of Montezuma chocolate that I ordered has turned up – although most of it is for Weeza (don’t tell her) and I’m not opening it tonight anyway.  I have, at any rate, been very appreciative of my dear kind Sage – not that I needed more kindness than usual, but others did.

Chocolate after all, perhaps?  Maybe.  Although, I also have a pineapple.  Which to choose?  I’m genuinely undecided.  Possibly neither after all.  Who knows?

Back to riotous good cheer tomorrow, darlings.  You get me in every mood, lucky people.  I appreciate your friendship, and thank you for it.

7 comments on “Thanks

  1. Marion

    Love both choc. & pineapple so either would do for me, tho I find the choc. would be easier to open!
    When you decide you will bounce back by the next day, you usually seem too. Do hope you feel better.BTW, I liked your hen story the other day. That has to be soothing.

  2. Z

    Pineapple it was, Marion.

    I can’t, Dave, I’ve got a couple of hours to spend on typing and then off to a meeting, then the rest of the day in Year 9 music.

  3. Z

    The chocolate is still packed in its box, I haven’t opened it at all. i have the pleasure of anticipation – I ordered some varieties I can’t get locally.

    Appreciation, Sarah, for sure. Very nice indeed. Jacob Epstein’s Adam was at the exhibition at the RA. More disconcerting in its extreme masculinity, frankly. I prefer the Faun.


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