Quite quiet

Today has, as I expected, been much better, although I didn’t sleep last night.  Couple of hours, I suppose, then I answered emails, skipped through Facebook and played games.  I am relaxing determinedly tonight, having made risotto for supper, played the new Angry Birds game and read the paper.  As soon as I’ve written this, I’ll read a book for the rest of the evening – work can wait until tomorrow.

You might gather that I like games.  Yes.  I always have.  My mother didn’t and nor did my father, expect patience (card games, that is, his favourite was Scorpion).  If ever you could get my mother on a tennis court she was rather good, but it was rare, and she never joined in board games or even cards, as far as I remember.  I, on the other hand, happily joined in with everything my children wanted to play.  I haven’t quite grown up yet,  That is, not at all, scrub the ‘not quite’.  Now, of course, I rely on my phone, because the Sage is grown up too.

Nothing at all in my diary tomorrow.  I might, as Dave suggests, pretend to garden and dig little areas for my favourite chicken to scratch around.

6 comments on “Quite quiet

  1. Sarah

    New angry birds? I haven’t finished the old one yet, what’s the new one like? Not that I’m addicted to it or anything…..

  2. Z

    I shall make no suggestion about being given the right sausage, Simon.

    I could be a pale pink imitation of the real Miss Scarlet, I suppose, Chris.

    You are, of course, quite right, Dave. I shall not call you an ungracious pastor, even if you don’t reck your own rede.

    Angry Birds Rio, Sarah. Excellent, there are annoying little monkeys to kill instead of pigs. The first level, where you’re releasing birds, is a bit easy, but it’s always a pleasure. I completed it this morning, but haven’t got all the stars or bonuses yet. I think the Android version is just out, if you haven’t an iPhone.

    The original game helped me while away the sleepless hours in hospital after my hip operation.

  3. Sarah

    Brilliant. I have the Android phone so will check it out when I’m back home and connected to the wireless.


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