Soo Thing

I’m so sorry darlings, if you’ve been looking for me.  It’s well after midnight, although I shall probably backdate this so that I don’t receive plaintive protests that a day has vanished from our lives.

I have been writing letters.  Not for fun, unfortunately.  I’ve only just finished.  The whole evening vanished – well, four hours of it at any rate.  I did take a few minutes to open that box of chocolate bars and have a little gloat.  Just the descriptions make me dribble gently … “Culture Shock” – white chocolate with ginger and chilli.  “Spice it up” – dark chocolate with dragon ginger.  “Sea Dog” – dark chocolate with lime and sea salt – and several others.  I got a hand-written note thanking me for my order – I’m not surprised! – and an invitation to be an agent, which I shall not follow up.

One can tell it’s spring, in this house, when the death watch beetle start tapping.  I know, I mention this every year.  Today was the day.  If we can pinpoint the place, the Sage makes a hole in the wall and pours in Rentokill.

Tomorrow morning, I shall have my hair cut.  How sad is it that I’m thinking, jolly good, I don’t have to wash it first thing.

Do you know, I think I shall take the smallest of snifters up to drink in the bath.  And I shall light a few candles because I always find that soothing.   Not that I’m in need of soothing exactly, it’s just that I like to slump for a bit to unwind that vastly overactive brain for a while before sleep and I haven’t done so, so a good sooth might bypass the necessity.

7 comments on “Soo Thing

  1. Dave

    The 400g bar of chocolate that I bought 3 weeks ago is still sitting in my fridge, unopened. Not sure how much longer that state will continue.

  2. Christopher

    It was from just such a bath that Mae West uttered the line ‘Peel me a grape, Wilkins’ (or whatever her attendant was called). Do you have a personal grape-peeler? Or is the fermented juice enough?

  3. PixieMum

    Snap! Had my hair cut this morning too. One moment my hair is short, sharp and elegant, next I resemble the floor mop. Hair and finger nails grow so quickly. Complicated discussions with hairdresser about next cut ready for busy May social life.

    Have to look glamorous for my public.

    If you believe I that last sentence you will believe anything.

    Hope you don’t suffer for your late night and have a chance to relax in the sunshine.

  4. Z

    The Sage spends several hours a day providing a constant supply of peeled grapes, Chris. In his spare time, he treads more bunches ready for fermentation.

    I too look sleek and elegant now, Madeleine. Ahem,

    Don’t worry, Dave, I can backdate another post. Too busy playing games.


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