VI Squiffany

She seems to be taller every time I see her.  She has a missing top front tooth and the other is loose – ‘hanging by a thread’, we used to say rather horribly when I was little and a loosening lower tooth too.  Her hair is blonde and very wavy, she loves school, writing, drawing and making things and she is kind and motherly with other children, confident but fairly quiet with adults.  She’s just had the stabilisers taken off her bike and is very pleased about that, but her newest love is her scooter.  Today, my lovely little girl is six.

Our good friend Jamie called round with his nephew, Richard, who is going to do preparatory work on our drive.  It’s 100 yards, or possibly metres – I haven’t measured – long and needs resurfacing, but we want to widen it too, so Richard is going to get it ready for Alan, who will do the top-surfacing.  Jamie had other news of interest, which would be excellent for us, but I’ll tell you if it happens.

The birthday season has started – Al and Weeza’s are next and then Wink’s, all in April.  Zerlina approves of birthdays, as you know her bear, Barry has regular Happy Days, when he is sung to.  She didn’t join in the singing today, but watched us all and beat time with her right band.

The other news is that our latest catalogue is up on the website,  I think there’s a link on the sidebar.  Less than three weeks to go now.

8 comments on “VI Squiffany

  1. The Dotterel

    Amazing how birthdays always seem to go in seasons. We’ve just finished one of our busy periods, and things go quiet for a few months now. Many Happy Returns of the day to everyone whenever theirs occurs!

  2. georgie

    Did Squiffany enjoy your gift of child size garden tools and accessories? Maybe she can help you in the garden this spring and summer. Happy birthday to the Squiff!

  3. Christopher

    Cement mixer and personal hod-carrier, too. It’s hard work for a six-year-old. And maybe – I’ve started this without knowing what the English word is – a hand-held appliance (called a tyrolienne here, don’t know why) for spattering pebble-dash, harl or render against masonry. You can’t start them too young.

  4. Z

    It’s true, we have five immediate family birthdays out of twelve in September and three of the rest in April. None over the winter months

    She was pleased with them, but Pugsley was deeply unimpressed! He might prefer Dave’s suggestion of building tools. We’ve got the cement mixer, Chris, which we may never be able to move as the Sage has accidentally cemented it in place. I’m not so sure about pebble-dashing the house, I think the council might have something to say. Sounds fun though, especially as an offensive weapon.


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