Sun day

It was the most beautiful sunrise this morning, and if only I hadn’t been running a few minutes late I’d have gone back for my camera and now I’d be able to show it to you. Sorry. Someone had a picture – I think it was Simon. Hang on, I’ll look. Yep, here it is. If anything, it was even more spectacular than that at the time I looked and it spread all over the eastern sky.

Weeza and I are going to London on Wednesday. This is not a jaunt, but apparently my tenant’s central heating isn’t working, although the boiler is. Weeza thinks it’s probably something simple that she can fix, so we’re driving up. It’ll be quicker and far cheaper than going by train at the time we need to. Isn’t that daft? We should get there by 11, hope to do the job quickly and wait to make sure it’s put things right. If not, I’ll then have to find a plumber and make arrangements for him to get hold of a key. It’s not that easy to get hold of the tenant as he emails, then doesn’t reply to the answering email. He’s abroad a lot on business so it’s not a disaster for him that the heating’s been off in the cold snap. I’ll check the downstairs heating system at the same time. I’ve a meeting in the evening, so we’ll have lunch and get back immediately after, before the traffic builds up. Zerlina will be with us of course.

They cooked us a lovely lunch today, roast pork (mm, crackling), roast potatoes, parsnip, leeks, red cabbage. My foot still tingles but, although different, it’s no worse than other bits that hurt and I’m used to ignoring that. It’s been much less cold and very sunny. I haven’t been out this evening to see if it’s getting frosty and I think I’ll let it be a surprise in the morning.

6 comments on “Sun day

  1. Completely Alienne

    There was a heavy frost last night when I went to bed – the car thermometer said -3 when I collected Lenin at 10.30, so I was surprised to see no frost this morning and that most of the old frost had gone. I have to admit I haven’t set foot out of doors today at all (if you don’t count putting stuff in the recycling bin); I even managed to persuade Lenin to go and get the paper for me.

    I shall wait and be surprised tomorrow too. As long as the sun shines, I don’t really mind how cold it gets. It is the greyness that depresses me.

  2. Z

    When your comment arrived, I was just on the phone to a friend who emigrated to Canada a couple of years ago. He said he and his wife walked to church in light clothes this morning as it was only -10 and felt quite warm.

    It’s the damp and wind and greyness that makes it feel so cold, isn’t it? This morning, although it was still frosty here, I didn’t feel cold as the keen wind had dropped and the frost made it feel dry. When there’s snow and sun, there’s lots of light and that’s lovely.

  3. Dave

    Don’t look at Caitlin’s blog – the weather seems a little warmer in Australia, oddly.

    At least the rain here has washed away the last traces of snow. Sadly it means I can’t finish digging my ditches – only one more days digging needed.

  4. The Preacherman

    No snow here – sadly. I wanna build a snowman. Not fair.


    Thought of you this afternoon. A chicken – not a Bantam but what the hell – walked past my driveaway. A chicken??? Where the hell did that come from????


  5. Z

    I know, it’s not a proper winter if I haven’t built a snowman.

    Glad to know that as soon as you see an old hen you think of me )


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