Z has Cold Feet

My stint as a shopkeeper is over and I even did the week’s accounts, counted the money and took it next door in a stout cloth bag.

Mind you, today was the coldest yet. I woke up before the radio alarm came on feeling warm, so I assumed the temperature had gone up during the night. I woke the Sage for a cuddle, as I’d been asleep before he got into bed the night before and then got up, dressed, gave Tilly her breakfast and prepared mine, took it through to eat while I was reading emails, put in my contact lens and was putting on my brave morning face out of various little pots when I glanced out of the window. I was surprised at the beauty of the frosty tree outside. Everything was white and I’d spent half an hour not noticing.

It wasn’t until I went out that I noticed it had been snowing and there was a hard frost.

The sun came out later, but the temperature didn’t rise to freezing point and as the morning went on it became more windy and icier. I let Alice have one of the hot water bottles. She hugged it gratefully.

When the Sage came to pick me up, he came with me to the church to set things up for tomorrow’s service at 8am. I have to be there at 7.30 to finish getting ready.

Later, after I’d done my slow and careful adding up, we went through for dinner, which was lasagne and salad, then fruit pie and custard.

I’m going to bed early.

Oh, and I think I’ve got chilblains. I’m not quite sure, as I’ve never had them before, and when I’m undressed I always have my contact lens out so my toes are rather a long way away to see. But it feels like the description of chilblains.

14 comments on “Z has Cold Feet

  1. Dandelion

    I used to get chilblains when I was a child. On my toes. It’s like a hot-cold-wrong thing, like maybe one of your toes feels too hot when it isn’t, all by itself, almost itchy hot, used to drive me bonkers. Once I learned to ignore it, I stopped getting them.

  2. Caitlin

    I seem to recall having chilblains as a child too. I can’t remember what they were like except that I didn’t like them.

    And you’ve made me want fruit pie and custard.

  3. Dave

    The frost here was wonderful, all day. The trees were all dressed in white. Sadly I couldn’t get out to photograph them as I was otherwise occupied.

  4. Z

    Yes, that’s it. I find it easy to ignore as it doesn’t hurt as much as my knee does and luckily it’s the same leg and I’d be limping anyway.

    Tank tops were surprisingly warm, Ziggi. I remember a splendid fashion coup in about 1971 when I had a blue patterned cheesecloth blouse with enormous sleeves buttoned at the cuffs and a navy tank top over it, and the girls were wildly envious and asked if I’d bought it in London. I was able to say I had. It was the fashion highlight of my life.

  5. sablonneuse

    All I can remember about chilblins was the redness and itching. Hope yours are not bad and that they soon go away.
    I’ve been watching the weather forecast for Norfolk and the cold spell has certainly lasted. I think you’re getting a thaw before we do though.

  6. Z

    I wasn’t probing, Dave, honest.

    Gordie, well it does. How else to recognise something from having heard of it?

    Sandy, they’re getting better and only 2 toes still hurt. It’s been a beautiful day today, starting with a wonderful red and aquamarine sunrise and much less cold.

  7. Z

    Chilblains are described here. Maybe you know them as something else, I find it hard to believe that we only get them in this country.

    The hot water bottle didn’t cause them, the tingle started on Monday and was worse on Tuesday, before I took it in. The bottle helped as once I’d warmed my feet they stayed warm for a long time.


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