Summer is icumen in, as the slightly irritating song puts it. I prefer the Bagpuss version.

This morning, I went to visit our friend Dave East – as I’ve mentioned, he had a major operation last month, but he’s making a very good recovery.  That it was necessary (though sort of elective) has been shown by the fact that he felt better at once, even though he’s had the surgery to recover from and some lifestyle changes to make.

At present, he’s on a cake diet.  Truly.  Well, more or less.  Low protein, high carbohydrate, low fibre.  Forget vegetables, unless they’re potatoes.  So it’s chip butties followed by cake. And actually, he looks great on it.

I came home via the garden centre, so if you noticed the half-planted bed, it’ll be finished in a few days, as long as the wind drops and it doesn’t rain.  I have no intention of being anything but a fair weather gardener.

I’m still eating up leftovers, so it was cheese and oatcakes and I sat in the sunshine in the porch and felt quite cheerful … until I didn’t.  Heartache is a gripping physical pain and it hit me rather badly for quite some time.  It’s beyond the power of positive thinking and one just has to bear it until one can move again.  But in the end, I went and fed the chickens, checked on the tortoises, brought in logs and lit the fire – it was (and is) very windy but not cold, and it was the effect rather than the need that governed me, I lit a candle and made some Lapsang tea and got on with paperwork.  Which took me until nearly 8 o’clock to complete.  I’m still getting emails from governors who never stop working.

I sometimes feel overburdened by work, but if I don’t have anything pressing to do, I have a tendency to do nothing at all, and that is not at all good for me.  I need to be purposeful (this can be in respect of entertainment, I’m not solemn at all) and I don’t want to slip into the way of being lazy, because I get quite low, suddenly.  I suppose I’ll think it through, sooner or later, and find a balance.  I have to get through to the end of July first, though.  And surely summer will be here by then?

3 comments on “Summer is icumen in, as the slightly irritating song puts it. I prefer the Bagpuss version.

  1. Mike Horner

    Summer should be here by then, but we do get years when summer never really arrives and declares itself. You must remember that old joke that England doesn’t really have a climate – only weather. Anyway, today is a lovely day, and our roses are starting to flower nicely now. It’s been a very busy week so far – haven’t stopped since the Blogmeet. Had to drive over to the midlands on Sunday morning – my younger brother (must stop calling him that – he was seventy last week!) has M.E., with which he and his wife cope bravely, but they really do appreciate a cheering visit. Got home on Tuesday. Then Long Melford Antique Fair on Wednesday- then (D.V.) back to normal today. Reasonable health is a great gift. Hope things lighten up soon for you.
    Our warm regards (and thanks for that lovely blogmeet) Mike and Ann.

  2. Z Post author

    Isn’t it lovely today? Perfect English summer weather. This could be summer, of course, start and end…

    I’m fine now, thank you.


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