Z looks after a kitten

I’m looking after Ro and Dora’s kitten, Jasper, for ten days while they’re on holiday.  Other than Rose’s cat, occasionally in the last couple of months, I don’t think a cat has set foot in this house for at least 85 years.  Jasper is a cutie.  He’s very friendly, though he has felt rather cautious today, but finally came to me for cuddles this evening.  Russell would never have a cat, as he loved birds so much, and I took his point entirely.  However, if one starts with a kitten and raises them with birds, I think it should be ok.  Jasper is happy to have his claws clipped and quite likes it, so is very well used to being handled.

I’ve planted everything I bought.  I had meant to see what I could get at the village festival, but I’ve still space, if I’m tempted.  In addition, I grew far too many tomatoes and aubergines, so the surplus have gone out in the garden.  How well they do will depend on the weather this summer.  I have known outside plants to do better than those in the greenhouse.

I’ve an 8 am meeting tomorrow and I’m not ready for it.  Must get on, darlings.


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