Z puts her smart Governor outfit on

I’ve let myself in for two meetings on Friday morning, the first at 8 o’clock and the second at 9.30.  Hmm.  However, I’m in my final two months in the hot seat and I can do this!  Angelo, my head, confirmed with a hint of anxiety that I’m willing to stay on as a governor (my term of appointment finishes on 31st July) which – well, okay, it’s gratifying.  It’s good to be wanted.

So the morning was spent on governor matters and I cooked bacon and eggs for lunch and have been rather wiped out since.  I have lit the fire the last two days, it’s chilly.  A heatwave (this is an English heatwave, of the “England sizzles in the seventies!” kind) is promised for the rest of the week, but it’s blowy now.

As might I be, it’s a good job I live alone.  Dinner was salad.  Bean salad, hummous, the remains of various other salads, the last of the side of smoked salmon.  Beany, garlicky, oniony, delicious but quite possibly a bit anti-social.

It’s only just after 9, but I’m terribly tired.  I had to go up to bed at 8 last night and slept deeply for several hours, but have been awake since 3 this morning.  I used to do all my paperwork in the evening, I’m getting terribly behind – but I’ll catch up.  Tomorrow, I’ll just Do It.

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