Still focussing on happiness

  1. Weeza and co came over for the day.  Lovely Phil, my son-in-law, cut up logs with his chainsaw and lots have now been chopped and stacked in the porch.
  2. Going back a day, Wince managed to mend the switch on our chainsaw, which is excellent.  He’s so kind.
  3. Younger granddaughter Zerlina is still growing weedily – she’s not yet eight and a half and she’s now four feet, nine and a half inches tall.  Taller than her great-grandmother, she now has Auntie Dora in her sights.  i will come next.
  4. Her little brother Gus is also growing fast and is constantly hungry.  They arrived about 10.30 and were hungry.  I gave them a chocolate Club biscuit.  They were still hungry.  I prepared a dish each of cheese, Twiglets, carrots, cucumber and an oatcake.  Later, they ate lasagne.  Then ice cream.  Later, more salad and charcuterie.  Then the chocolate cake I hastily made and they decorated.  They took snacks back to eat before bed.
  5. I feel loved.  Which makes me so lucky.

2 comments on “Still focussing on happiness

  1. PixieMum

    I was like Zerlina, tall for my age and very slim but with a huge appetite, when we visited the relatives my mother would be asked how much sister and I ate, the reply was to dish me up the same quantity of food as my father.

    Now the reverse is true, my appetite has shrunk, I struggle with large portions, my weight is the heaviest it has ever been as I’m not out and about as much especially in the cold weather.


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