Five plus one – must have been a good day

Today’s five –

  1. Wonderful Stephen the gardener has worked strenuously to clear a gateway he didn’t even know was there, it was so overgrown.
  2. Ostrich pâté is delicious.  Who knew?
  3. I have been signed off by my surgeon.  A complete success!  Which I knew, of course.  And am endlessly thankful for.
  4. Notwithstanding that the ‘retail park’ we went to is possibly the worst signposted in the country and certainly is the most confusing in Norwich, we succeeded in buying some new lights.
  5. And since the four we bought were the last they had, I was – after an hour or so’s searching – able to find more we liked on t’internets, so we’ve bought them too.
  6. Unscheduled extra good thing – the wine I thought I bought a case of last week and accidentally bought a mere bottle of, so had to re-order, has arrived.  So it will be stored in the larder for the next jolly.

4 comments on “Five plus one – must have been a good day

  1. 63mago

    I am very glad to learn that all this concerning your hip is now all right !

    These car parks seem to be a real money pit, at least that is what I learned reading what Honest John’s readers have to say about them.
    I never had ostrich, in what form ever. But I know that they are bred here, sometime one escapes the enclosure and creates havoc on streets.

    1. Z Post author

      About all one can say for that ‘retail park’ is that the actual parking is free. It’s about five miles out of Norwich on the bypass. Ostrich farming became quite a thing here some years ago, but it fell out of vogue fairly quickly. The label said it was made in this country, but didn’t elaborate on where the meat came from!

  2. Tim

    I’d never eaten ostrich before either. I wonder which parts they used for the pâté. Not the head, obvs, that’d be put in the sand(wiches).

    1. Z Post author

      Hahahaha. We’re sitting all of three yards apart, not talking (at this moment, that is) and yet you make me laugh. You’re okay, you know?


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