It don’t mean a thing if Z ain’t got that swing…

Or, as I just said to LT, he’s fun.  Especially with all the truly worrying stuff going on in this country and America, in the Middle East and the not quite middle east (Turkey, for example, seems a bit stuck in between) and the general hell in a handbasketry, I try really hard to focus on the good stuff.

So, a few Good Things.

  1. Eloise cat.  She’s hilarious.
  2. The bantams are well and shut in the greenhouse, with plenty of room but no access for wild birds, so there’s every reason to hope that avian flu will not come this way.
  3. I’ve exchanged emails or conversation with all my children in the last few days, always a joy.
  4.  Tim.  Always lovely Tim.
  5. I don’t limp.  I don’t limp.  Nor do I hurt.

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