Just four today. Can’t manage more.

It’s been hard to feel positive or happy today.  The news is so dire and upsetting.  But I’ll do my best –

  1. I know they don’t really do anything, but at least it made our feelings known.  We both signed the petition  asking Parliament not to embarrass the Queen.  There have been hundreds of thousands, the numbers have been rising all evening.
  2. Roast pheasant for dinner was delicious, there is still a breast left which we will pretend is duck and will go into a Chinese-style stir fry.  And there’s another whole bird which will be casseroled.  And there will be soup.  Game is the best bargain around, if you live in the country.
  3. The weather is milder and there is rain, which is good as it’s been a really dry winter.
  4. Tim found a perfect rosebud on the plant outside the door.

10 comments on “Just four today. Can’t manage more.

  1. Chairwoman Ros

    As you know, Zoe, I too signed the petition. I hope, no doubt in vain for a favourable result of some kind.

    As for pheasant, I occasionally treat us to a brace. If one orders on line, and don’t use the big supermarkets, Game can be very reasonable.

    Feeling “better in myself” than I have for some time. Love to you both.

    1. Z Post author

      He started the petition before the ban on Muslims travelling and before that extraordinary demand that Trump should not be expected to meet Prince Charles as they’d disagree over climate change. He is clearly out of anyone’s control and being egged on by the truly evil ones in his government. I’m glad you’re feeling better, we’d love to come and see you in the spring if we may.

    1. Z Post author

      Excellent – February is looking a bit busy but March seems clearer. There’s always the blog party of course, but one visit doesn’t preclude another 🙂

  2. Liz

    I don’t hold out much hope for that pettition, despite the huge number of signatures. I believe that the invitation has already been sent and accepted, although I cannot imagine who on earth thought that was a good idea in the first place.

    I’m not a fan of Prince Charles but I rather like the idea of him lecturing Trump.

    1. Z Post author

      I don’t either, though I do think the PM would be wise to rethink (I don’t think she’s particularly wise, though). Because they’ve been warned that Trump’s anger may be uncontrollable if one thing happens that he doesn’t like, and I really can’t think that Prince Charles will give in to pressure, there could well be others. And if there is a large demonstration of opposition then it’ll give an impression May clearly does not want made. Perhaps he’ll be smuggled in the back door in the hours of darkness.

      1. 63mago

        If he can’t behave, throw him out. Such unprofessional behaviour can not be admitted, not in this position.
        The Orange will be in Hamburg attending the g20 meeting in July. IF we’ll still have diplomatic ties then …

  3. Blue Witch

    Or the other way of looking at it is that the more he has contact with politically experienced and wordly wise people, outside his own country, the better informed he will become. You don’t conquer ignorance and prejudice by actions that just fuel that person’s warped and misguided view of the world.

    I don’t agree with what Trump is doing, but the world SO badly needs to change in how things have been going in recent years that one has to start somewhere.

    He is a businessman: businessmen spend their time playing (and excuse me here but it’s the only way of effectively saying it) ‘my dick is bigger than your dick.’ Several rounds of negotiations later, from their original ridiculous position they eventually produce something workable, and different to what was originally on the table. Which helps things move forwards.

    It is interesting to me to look at how people around the world are being dragged into the melee rather than take a step back and look at the true processes in effect here. There could be a good outcome here that helps sort out all the unrest that is so apparent everywhere.

    I suspect it could be the downfall of controlling religion and capitalism. If handled right.

    The Queen won’t be ’embarrassed’ by a scruffy, overweight, underly-mannered American. She’s a very bright and wise lady – probably the best diplomat in the world, or that the world has ever/will ever see. Let her look after herself and we’ll see the magic she can weave.

    I think the situation is being handled well and that UK Ltd know exactly what game they are playing here.


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