Smother love

Five things –

1 I seem to be making a habit of early-hours online conversations, but it really does while away the hours of insomnia in good company, so thanks to Zain and I hope you slept eventually – I did, right through the alarm, so just as well I didn’t have any appointments first thing.

2 I don’t think I can replicate Facebook videos here, but if you’re on FB, do look at my page (befriending me first if need be, of course) and check out Rupert, who is adorable.  I should say, ADORABLE because .. well, you’ll see.  I love him even more than Ben – not that I’ve met him yet – and have told Hannah it’ll be hard to hand him back after their holiday.

3 Ben had a bit of leftover salmon from the fridge.  I only turned my back for a moment.  Little tinker.  Well, socking great bit tinker.  I can’t remember how I trained Chester not to steal food, but I did – I just explained to Tilly and she promised never to do it again, and didn’t.  At least he didn’t get the leftover pork’n’leek sausages I was intending to eat for lunch.

4 The four ‘affordable rent’ houses next door are nearly ready, the utilities will be laid on next week and they’re putting in the driveways etc – they look lovely.  Two are three-bedroom, the other two two-bedroom.  There was an open day at the village hall a few weeks ago and we went to find out the criteria for applying for one – very pleased that residency, now or in the near past, was the top requirement.  I’ll probably write more about that at some time, but it comes close to the more-or-less political sort of thing I normally avoid, so may steer clear.


We all knew he’d end up on my lap.  He really is a bit big for it, but I’ve never known a dog who minded that.

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