Sh is for shining

1 The sun is shining again.  How unusual, to have the best weather at the weekends.

2 The descriptions and condition report for the auction in June are just about done, now the photos must be taken, then the catalogue can be set out ready to go to the printers.

3 Great quantities of brambles have been hacked back and a pile is ready to be burnt and the greenhouse is in the process of being dismantled.  I’m sad, it’s my favourite greenhouse, but the decision makes sense for several reasons.

I’m beyond being sentimental, although I expect we won’t dispose of the pieces yet.  Just in case…

4 A year ago, I was in India.  Nandini and Joe’s wedding was first in Chennai on the 8th April and then in Vellore nearly a week later, on the 14th (two ceremonies: she’s Hindu and he’s Christian).  The temperature was over 40º C in Vellore.  I’m reminded of it by my Facebook picture, which is still of me talking to a temple elephant.  I should change it to something more recent.

5 The Sage is out and the dog is asleep.  It’s marvellously quiet here.

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