Second post of the day, because it’s all about excess

Twiglets!  Because dinner was a virtuous stir fry with loads of vegetables.

Wine Gums! For when I’ve had enough Twiglets, not that one can ever eat too many Twiglets.

I’ve drunk all the red plonk so am having to crack open the good stuff.  Every time I do that, I resolve to up my wine standards, but keep being tempted by a bargain.  But the good stuff is so delicious.

7 comments on “Second post of the day, because it’s all about excess

  1. nick

    You can never have too many Twiglets. Or Hula Hoops. Or tortilla chips. Or cheese straws. Well, unless you have a queasy stomach. Or an iron will. Or they’ve run out.

  2. Z Post author

    Fortunately, Al came and helped me eat Twiglets today. A whole pack would have been excessive. In the same way, Ben helped with the wine gums – but he helped himself and didn’t wait for an invitation.

    I went up from Laithwaites to the really good stuff, John.

  3. 63mago

    I will have to sent you a parcel with those funny-shaped bottles we have here.
    Do you prefer white or red ? More on the sweet, or more on the dry side ?

  4. Z Post author

    I like either, dear Mago, and dry. I’m sure you know I’m not sweet in the least…but if you could bring it in person, or yourself without anything else, that would be best of all!


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