Ro and Dora, like Webster’s Dictionary, are Morocco bound

I drove Wink in to her office today and we spent an hour or so there – and I can quite see why she loves her job.  She was headhunted, you know – the office where she used to work closed and she was made redundant, but offered part time and casual work by the same firm, for holiday cover and so on.  Then she was asked to apply for a job as office manager for another firm and she has absolutely fitted in there.  As we were leaving, her boss thanked me several times for coming to look after her – to the point of embarrassment, really – after all, she’s my sister before she’s his employee, but he thinks so much of her.  Just in that sociable hour, she did a fair bit of work, simply by giving advice and saying where things were to be found, and googling a bit.  I was, in a completely loving way, quite envious of the esteem in which she’s held, which I know she deserves.

Then we came back to the doctors’ surgery, where her dressing was removed and she was given a clean bill of health.  Later, the local vicar called round, having phoned first to check it was convenient, and we gave her tea and cake, the latter having helpfully been given by a friend yesterday.  It was jolly good and homemade.

This evening, I’ve mostly been drinking a little more than usual.  I slept soundly until 3 am and then read until 7, when I dozed again for a bit.  Pah.  I expect I’ll sleep tonight though.  Every other night will do, at a push.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Weymouth to visit our 101 year old friend, on Sunday I’m seeing Zig and on Monday I’m coming home, visiting Mig on the way.  I’m planning a future visit before too long and will be absolutely sure of fitting in a blog meet with Pat this summer.

Ro and Dora are in Marrakech tonight (I always thought that was spelt with an S rather than a C but Mr Google tells me otherwise) for a week’s holiday.  Russell went to see Weeza and Gus today and we’ll see Al and co on Tuesday.  So all’s ok with the family, one way and another.

By the way, I’m decidedly pissed off with Google.  I’ve always used gmail notifier – when an email comes in, it told me so on my top bar.  I could refresh, go to the inbox, compose an email or whatever.  But they’ve done away with it and one can, apparently, sign up for desktop notifications, whether one uses Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  But they lie.  Go to the link and it tells you you can only do it if you “upgrade” to Chrome.  Chrome is not an upgrade, it’s another option.  And so I did, I downloaded Chrome – but you have to have bloody gmail right in front of you for them to tell you you’ve an email, which you can see because you’ve got bloody gmail in front of you, and I’m not changing my default browser anyway.  Please darlings, if you use a free email service (because, if I change providers, I’ll lose my email and that ain’t going to happen) that has a toolbar notification and is straightforward to use and doesn’t make you follow rules you don’t want to follow, do tell me.  I don’t like hotmail because it has messed me around too much.  It’ll be a damn nuisance to change email again, but google has pushed me all over the place and if they don’t mend their ways pdq, I’m leaving it.  As it is, I’ve had to leave Blogger and Google as a search engine, since they ‘integrated’ all their so-called services.  I use Bing, WordPress, Safari and Google, each for a different purpose – I tried Yahoo but it was not very good.

4 comments on “Ro and Dora, like Webster’s Dictionary, are Morocco bound

  1. tim

    I stick to IE, which works more often than not. Can’t make any sense of Chrome at all.
    BT (btinternet dot com) provides a decent email service, except when it doesn’t. It’s provided by Yahoo, though, which might change soon. I have a gmail account, but don’t use it much.
    Yahoo toolbar is good – totally customisable, and if you use Yahoo mail it will tell you about unread mails.
    But please ignore me – my technoskills are primitive, and my default setting is ‘inertia.’

  2. Rog

    Chrome is the best – and it keeps your favourites between devices.

    “Zed Zig & Mig” sounds like a strip in the Beano.

  3. 63mago

    Oh dear, Marocco leather, maroquin known here as Saffianleder – it’s ages since I had a real one in hands, book or glove. My winter gloves are made from something much sturdier (swine ?) and are dark grey, while Saffian is goatskin, soft, often yellowish, reddish, wonderful books.

    Sorry I can not help with the notifier. I use “” and they have a notifier that works with any browser ; I do not use it because I do not want to have an account open just so ; and naturally it’s in German only. Yahoo seems to work on its products, one can only hope that they will be successful and become an alternative to the google empire.
    What about “live mail” ? I only know that it exists, sorry.
    Another possibility could be an add-on or something – ? A small program that gives that functionality and clinches itself to the bar ? BTW hasn’t firefox such a thing – I do not use it, but I vaguely remember that there was something with “email” available in the tool bar ?
    Sorry for being vague and useless here.

    Google imho becomes more and more megalomanic, sooner or later it will burst. Builds too much fences I think.

  4. Z Post author

    Google had a perfectly good notifier that has been discontinued. It says you can get desktop notifications with a range of browsers but, when you try, it only offers Chrome. But the Chrome notifier only works if you already have gmail up and running and tells you within that. IE (as in id est, not Internet Explorer), it’s rubbish. I rarely complain because they rarely listen, I vote with my feet. I’ve used Safari ever since I’ve had internet, mainly because I’ve only ever had Macs. Not all websites used to work with it, so I downloaded Firefox too some years ago, but that isn’t a problem nowadays. Chrome may well be splendid, but I don’t care to be coerced – besides, it’s not as good as the previous notifier was, because that didn’t require you to have Gmail open for it to tell you you’d got emails. They need users more than users need them, they’re fools. It will be a vast nuisance to change my email account but they’ve lost my goodwill and will have to get their act together pdq to regain it.

    We are right out of The Beano, Rog, all of us. I’m so looking forward to seeing Linda tomorrow. Tim, I hope to come back next month – I’ve run out of time this visit, but I’d love to call in if you’re free next visit. You cooked me a delicious lunch, so it’s my turn to take you out.

    Mago, the Road films with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour – The Road To Morocco had a line ‘Like Webster’s Dictionary, we’re Morocco bound,’ which had to be explained to me as a small child, who’d neither heard of Webster nor Morocco leather. In English, swine’s leather is called pigskin


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