Car Poole

I went to a concert last night in Poole with two friends of Wink’s.  We had supper first and it was a lovely evening.  They’re good company – very chatty (I know, darlings, chattier than I am, who’d have expected that?) so I didn’t have to say much, but just be entertained.

It was Mahler’s Symphony no. 2, the Resurrection, which I don’t remember ever having heard before and I certainly have never been to a performance.  It’s a huge and impressive work and very demanding on the performers, who were excellent.  A large orchestra and chorus – there must have been quite 200 people on the stage, though the chorus sat for nearly an hour and three-quarters before making a sound.  Behind and above the orchestra so in full view (and unable to read or catch up on their knitting, for instance), I couldn’t help worrying for their eardrums, as it’s very loud indeed in places.  When I arrived back and was quietly lying in the bath, a couple of hours after the performance ended, I realised that my ears were still ringing.

It didn’t keep me awake though and I slept better than I have for at least a fortnight.  We’ve had a quiet and leisurely day and are going to call round to see elderly friends soon.  It will be the furthest Wink has walked yet.

I’m in the process of arranging to call on blog friends on the way home – that is, I hope to see Linda on Sunday and Mig on Monday because Linda lives not too far away from here.  Then back home again, ready for the piano tuner on Tuesday.  It’s having to be tuned several times after all the work that’s been done on it.

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  1. Vagabonde

    I am not of a Mahler fan but my husband is and I know would have loved to go to this concert. As for piano, when I was growing up we had 4 pianos – one in the flat in Paris, and 3 in our house (one in my bedroom of all places.) My father loves pianos and could not resist a good deal on one…


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