We went to see Dodo, Wink’s 101-year-old godmother, today.  She still lives alone, though carers go in to help her and she’s recently had a stairlift installed.  She is fairly deaf and admitted today that her sight is starting to fail, but is amazingly strong and well and her mind is as good as ever.

We had invited Wink’s neighbour and daughter in for a drink before dinner.  So I bought olives and cheesy biscuits, and spread smoked trout terrine and pieces of anchovy on little oatcakes.  Both daughters arrived – we hadn’t realised they were both here for the weekend, but that was fine, of course – so, as they descended on the nibbles with cries of glee, I went out to make more.  I’d allowed 4 per person, plus olives and biscuits, because I didn’t want leftovers.

I spent much of the next hour preparing more food.  “They’re gannets,” explained their mother cheerily.  “We’re gannets,” the tall and slender 20-somethings agreed.  “You’re gannets,” said I, cracking open the Boursin too.

Wink has lived opposite Yapp Brothers for years but I have only just ventured into their shop today.  Mr Y (I suppose) is delightful and very helpful and I shall be back.  Notwithstanding the amount we’ve packed away tonight, it is my belief that it’s really better to drink less good wine than lots of plonk.  Like the best chocolate, it’s more satisfying.  Or so I say.  I might just spend a lot more on better wine.  Not this time, though, it isn’t for me.

Ro’s company is looking for new staff.  This is what they want, according to the company blog –

Object-oriented design and development

Ideally, you will also be fully conversant in the use of:

Apache web server

Experience of HTML / CSS and Zend Framework would be advantageous, as one of our targets for all our developers is to attain Zend PHP5 Certification. Therefore if you’re not already qualified, we’ll be looking for you to sit the exams within a few months.

I have to admit, I don’t even understand the requirements.

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