Z and Wink visit friends

The highlight of the day was going to see Zig and her daughters, Firstborn and Baby Doc.  They are all so lovely and I wish I lived closer and could call in more often.  It was the first time I’d met Indi, the black and white spaniel, and she took to me in a very flattering way.  In fact, she showed off most delightfully – she tossed her ball into the air and caught it again (I suspect to her own surprise) and was so pleased that she trotted from one of us to the other, clearly asking if we’d seen it and did we appreciate the dexterity that was required to pull of such a tricky feat with such aplomb?  Evidently, spaniels and I have a rapport – she leant against me later, wriggling to try to get even closer and we put our faces close together so that she could learn all about me.

A secondary purpose in going to see Zig was to pick up her tortoise vivarium, which I shall take home tomorrow.  I’m calling in on Mig on the way and we’ll have lunch together.  I have to say, I’m leaving very reluctantly.  Now that Wink is out and about again, we’re having a lovely time and we’re really going to miss each other.  She will be able to manage most things for herself and the few that she can’t, neighbours will help with.  I’ll run the hoover over in the morning and we’ll sort out what pots and pans and so on I must put within easy reach.  I’ve done her laundry – it’s not filling the washing machine so much as emptying it that is the problem because she mustn’t bend far enough over to get everything out of the drum.  Mostly, she’ll be fine.  There are shops in the village that she can walk to and I’ve stocked up on heavier items for her.  I won’t be leaving until about 10.30 tomorrow so can get anything else we haven’t thought of yet.

I brought a whole lot of work with me.  I’ve done some of it.  When I get home, I’m really going to wish I’d done it all.

2 comments on “Z and Wink visit friends

  1. Mike Horner

    Hello Z. I know it’s been a very necessary family support exercise, but it’s beginning to sound like a very pleasant family and friends visit as well. Nice, too – we always try and combine business and pleasure, but combining duty and pleasure sounds an equally good (and perhaps rarer) combination. Warm regards to you both, Mike and Ann.

  2. Z Post author

    I wish I could stay longer, but there are things waiting for me at home and it’s not fair to leave Russell to carry the domestic load any longer. But we’ve had a really lovely time. Wink sends her best wishes – as do I too, of course.


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