I ducked out of church, darlings.  Andy emailed me first thing, offering to play the organ, and once I thought of the two hours I’d have in hand, I was jolly pleased.  So now the house is officially cleaned.  Unofficially, that doesn’t actually mean clean because there are still a few hell-holes I’m keeping quiet about, and the whole place needs to be dusted and hoovered all over again.  Blimey, this housework lark is a total bummer and I’m not going to do it regularly, I assure you.

I didn’t get around to buying actual food, but fortunately I had some asparagus stock in the fridge and a butternut squash and some shallots in the veg rack, so risotto it was – although Al and co called in so I drank more wine than expected.  Swings, dear hearts, and roundabouts.  I have a weekly quota.

Ro and Dilly are seriously house-hunting.  They know the village south of Norwich they like and they know how much they are willing to spend (and it’s a realistic amount).  Fingers crossed.

12 comments on “RiZotto

  1. Macy

    Ahem. Sorry. That happens sometimes. Good luck to the house hunters – apparently it’s a buyer’s market out there.

  2. Z

    There’s not a lot on the market though, but if they can find the right place they should be able to act quickly.

    It’s all right, Tim, the week starts on Friday evening.

    Er…what comment?

    I’d not planned on last-minute foods (if you’d been here last year you’d know why!) but I like making risotto, so if time capacity allows, it might happen.

  3. Blue Witch

    I’m impressed that you are a week ahead in terms of tidying/cleaning up. Nothing quite like a deadline, eh?! But, I wouldn’t be.

    I’m doing my Best Spells for the weather. The forecasts suggest that they are beginning to work. Fingers (and toes) crossed.

  4. Z

    Tomorrow, cooking meat dishes, then to Weeza’s for the night. Wednesday with her, so shopping for everything but greengrocery which I’ll get from Tim. Thursday morning, final clean through the house, count out cutlery and so on, Friday make puddings. Vegetarian dishes and last-minute cooking on Saturday morning. Sorted – in my head, anyway!

  5. Z

    I hope I didn’t imply any stress, I’m having fun – nothing I like more than feeding lots of people and having a houseful. Ann has kindly offered to bring a pudding so we all know there will be something delicious, but I’m all sorted, thank you. Just come!


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